Why invest in Vojvodina @MOS Celje 2018


On behalf of Vojvodina Development Agency, we are glad to invite all Slovenian and other interested companies and parties to attend the presentation on the investment potentials of Vojvodina which will be held on September 13th at 51st MOS Celje International Fair and Business Trade 2018 whose partner country is the Republic of Serbia.

Vojvodina Development Agency shall present a brief overview on the advantages of starting up business in the region of Vojvodina, all types of subsidies provided by the republic and provincial governments for the successful realisation of an investment, fiscal and tax reliefs, a network of free zones, operating costs, labor market, etc. Vojvodina Development Agency shall also explain in which ways it can provide support to all the companies interested to invest in Vojvodina and how to source the potential partners and suppliers.

Vojvodina Development Agency task is, among many other things, to attract foreign companies to invest and provide them assistance when they set up business in Vojvodina and for such reason, MOS represents a perfect occasion to present the region of Vojvodina and establish new business connections with the potential investors. MOS is interesting, not only for being the biggest and most significant fair of that kind in Slovenia and the region, but also due to the fact that Slovenia is one of the biggest invesment countries in Vojvodina.

The data show that 37 Slovenian companies run their business on the territory of Vojvodina with the total investment of 776 million EUR and 3,600 employees. Among them are: Cimos, NLB, Perutnina Ptuj, Cablex, Maksim Celje, Trimo inžinjering, JUB Boje, Kolpa, etc.

The presentation on Vojvodina Investment Potentials shall be held at the stand of the Republic of Serbia, on September 13th (Thursday), at 10:00am.

We truly hope that you shall find your interest to participate in the event, that we would get to know each other and exchange the experiences and contact information.

If you are interested, please confirm your attendance at the following e-mail address: vlastimira.stankovic@rav.org.rs