Serbia Has Opened Its Borders for Businesspeople from the World


Serbia has opened its borders for businesspeople from the entire world, and the procedure is simplified and different from the rules that apply to other travelers. According to the new rules that are valid as of 21 January, owners, managers, and employees within their companies, who intend to arrive in Serbia for business reasons, will previously have to inform the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia on their arrival, which will timely inform the border police on it in order to enable them to cross the border. Upon entering the country, they will be tested in a Serbian reference laboratory, submit the test to the Chamber, and if the test is negative, they will continue to carry out their planned activities.

The request should be submitted in written 48h before the date of entry to Serbia and send to the following e-mail:

The memorandum should contain the following information:

1. Name and surname of the person (or persons) coming to the Republic of Serbia

2. Passport number and the country that issued the passport

3. Business reasons for coming to the Republic of Serbia

4. Date and border crossing of entry into Serbia

5. Flight number/car registration number, etc.

6. Address and duration of stay in the Republic of Serbia, contact phone, e-mail

For all necessary information and support, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia by same e-mail:

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia reminds that these new procedures will not apply to those who arrive from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, and North Macedonia that are allowed to enter Serbia without a PCR test in compliance with the previous decision.