Another Suppliers' Day organized by the Vojvodina Development Agency has been finalized. This time it was aimed at production companies in the sector of the accompanying automotive industry, plastics, rubber, and metal industries. B2B meetings, you and us - it must turn out well. And it did.

500 meetings were held at the Congress Center "Master" of the Novi Sad Fair. About 160 representatives from 77 companies from Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Northern Macedonia, etc. attended the event.

The attendees were welcomed by the Provincial Secretary for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government, Ognjen Bjelic and the Director of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Nikola Zezelj. Please find below what was said on opening and how it looked like.

„The Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation, and Local Self-Government, continuously encourages the enhancement and business of companies operating in the territory of Vojvodina, hence one of the ways in regard is to organize a Suppliers’ Day with the Vojvodina Development Agency. This event enables small and medium-sized enterprises, which have an interest and capacity to supply foreign partners with their products and services, to find its place in the international market“ - said Provincial Secretary Ognjen Bjelic, at the opening of Supplier Day.

According to the director of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Mr. Nikola Zezelj, 10 contracts were signed at the event last year, with a total value of three million euros, and to be expected, this year’s Suppliers’ Days will be even more successful.

Aleksandar Savuljic, company "Termometal doo" from Ada: "Last year, Termometal contracted with Gorenje, which we now continuously supplied with the tools that we produce for them. We manufacture components that are being assembled and fitted into machine parts. This year we came to do new business as 80% of our production we export to Germany, Austria, and Italy. We primarily supply the automotive industry, but other industries as well - wood, pharmaceutical, etc. "

Moja Pejak, company  "Seting doo“ from Kisac: „We have been in the market for three decades, manufacturing equipment for storage of agricultural products and silos. We are currently preparing equipment for the wastewater plant and silo plants in Dobrinci. Today, at Suppliers’ Day, we expect to meet new customers and cooperators, given that we have previously participated in similar events which have brought us new contacts and business deals."

Dejan Nojkovic, company "Elmed doo" from Temerin: „This is the 3rd year of our participation at the Suppliers’ Day, 2nd in the role of general sponsor. This type of event is of great importance to us, as a chance to conduct a large number of quality meetings with both suppliers and potential customers. We plan to support the Suppliers’ Day also in future.”

Ivan Kiss, company “KARSAI Holding“ from Hungary: „On last year’s Suppliers’ Day we established several contacts, and we hope that those will grow business cooperation in future. Today we had a total of 13 meetings, most of them were very useful.“

Jelena Krstic, "CTP Invest doo” from Belgrade: "We started our business in Serbia in 2017 and this is our 2nd year of participation at the Suppliers’ Day. Both years we are one of the sponsors of the event. During last year’s Suppliers’ Day, we made a lot of contacts and we think that meetings are very useful for cooperation with potential suppliers, as well as with future clients. "

We take this opportunity to thank all the participants, our general sponsor - "Elmed" company, as well as the sponsor company "CTP Premium Business Properties".

See you at the next Suppliers’ Day in 2020.

Vojvodina Development Agency whish you a lot of success.