Supplier Day is a B2B event aimed to help domestic and foreign companies to find local suppliers of components, materials, and solutions related to all kinds of industries, and thus help domestic companies to enter the supply chains of companies and start or increase export.

When is SD?

We organize it twice a year:

- Spring DD, in April or May; the focus is on the food industry.

- Autumn DD in October or November, for the sector of the supporting automotive industry, plastic, rubber, metal, mechanical and electrical sector.

How to apply?

After the call, companies can fill out an online or PDF form which is going to be posted on our website.

After completing the registration, you will receive a list of applicants. You can schedule a maximum of 10 meetings for the product program or services presentation.

There is no registration fee to participate in these events.

In the left menu, you can see how it was at all previous DDs, and the upper box is always either a call for the next SD or a report from the last one.