Another Suppliers' Day for the agrobusiness sector organized by the Vojvodina Development Agency (RAV) has been finalized. Representatives from more than 50 companies attended the event, 117 meetings were held during the and of May and June.

At these B2B meetings we gathered 40 domestic SME’s from the food sector and representatives of foreign, domestic and regional retail chains Univerexport, PerSu, Gomex, Moja pijaca from Serbia, Bingo and Tropic from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Stokomak from Northern Macedonia, Plodine form Croatia, Zabosfa from Hungary as well as Euro Group from Italy (for the Eastern European market).

The product categories sought by the markets were mainly fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, meat, organic, lactose-free products, chocolate and hazelnut spread, gluten-free pasta, and so on.

The attendees were welcomed by the Provincial Secretary for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Sofic and the Director of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Darko Buljesevic.

We take this opportunity to thank all the participants and remind all foreign companies that they can log into the Supplier Database on our website and view a list of more than 600 domestic suppliers from several sectors.

See you at the next Suppliers’ Day for the agribusiness sector in 2023.