Serbia and the EU have signed an agreement on participation in the Digital Europe program for the period 2021-2027


In Brussels, Minister of Information and Telecommunications, Mihailo Jovanović, formally endorsed the agreement between the European Union and the Republic of Serbia. This agreement grants legal and natural entities based in Serbia the opportunity to apply for EU project funding. They will be treated equally with participants from full EU member countries when it comes to the allocation of non-repayable funds in the realm of digitalization.

The Digital Europe program holds a substantial value of 7.5 billion EUR. As a result of this agreement, Serbian entities, whether individuals or organizations, will be able to submit applications for funding their projects within the European Union. They will enjoy the same privileges as entities from EU member states, significantly enhancing the conditions for work and development in the field of digitization.

The overall estimation for this seven-year program amounts to 7.5 billion euros. Notably, a significant portion of these funds, 2.2 billion euros, will be dedicated to high-performance computing, while 2.1 billion euros will be allocated to artificial intelligence.

Serbia had already expressed its interest in this program last year.