Serbia is ranked first in the world by estimated jobs per million inhabitants


According to 11th edition of IBM's annual Global Locations Trends 2017 report, Serbia ranks first in terms of job openings per capita, along with India and Ireland, and is one of the most attractive destinations for investments witch create a lot of new jobs.

With economic prospects improving in many parts of the world in 2016, global foreign direct investment (FDI) levels increased significantly, by approximately 10 percent measured by the number of jobs created, the report says.

Many European countries, notably in Eastern Europe, experienced strong growth in inward investment. Poland and Serbia showed gains of more than 25 percent, and the Czech Republic saw growth of more than 20 percent.

These results show that the Western Balkans are now firmly on the radar of foreign investors, with companies increasingly viewing some of the countries in the region as attractive locations for their expansions in Europe. Interestingly, 11 countries of the global top 20 are from Eastern Europe, illustrating the strong performance of this region in 2016.

The report is produced by Plant Location International (PLI), the global center of excellence in IBM Global Business Services for location strategy and economic development consulting.

Vojvodina Investment Promotion has also been participating for years In this research by sending information on foreign investments and locations for the region of Vojvodina, and this cooperation will be continued by the Development Agency of Vojvodina.

Report can be downloaded from the IBM website.