RAV at TechConnect Business Forum in Frankfurt


The Development Agency of Vojvodina (RAV) participated in the "TechConnect" Business Forum, which was held on September 15th at the premises of the German Chamber of Commerce in Frankfurt as part of the "Days of Serbian Culture" event. The conference aimed to bring IT professionals and entrepreneurs together to discuss collaboration and outsourcing opportunities. RAV presented Vojvodina as a favorable location for investment, highlighting its activities and forms of support for investors.

Biljana Vrzić, Head of the Department for National and International Funds at RAV, explained to the gathered representatives of German IT companies that the reasons for these companies, primarily in Novi Sad, to invest are the collaboration between science and industry, the fact that the University of Novi Sad, especially the Faculty of Technical Sciences, provides an excellent talent pool, and the presence of scientific institutes for potential collaboration, such as BioSens, FINS, NS Semena, the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, and more. She also mentioned that the Science and Technology Park in Novi Sad, founded by the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, offers crucial support for the commercialization of innovative products and services, along with associations like the ICT Cluster and the Business Incubator of Novi Sad.

She emphasized that Vojvodina is a favorable environment for innovation, and Novi Sad has a rapidly growing startup ecosystem, offering opportunities for collaboration with globally recognized companies. Additionally, strong institutional support for R&D fosters innovation and technological progress. Novi Sad hosts incubators focused on the IT sector, startup acceleration programs, financial assistance, and mentoring programs, all easily accessible, enabling startups and innovative companies to thrive. She highlighted the importance of high-tech companies and those engaged in research and development in Vojvodina, whether working on intelligent solutions for the electrical grid, electric energy distribution, energy management, electric propulsion systems, vehicle electronics, or lithium-ion batteries. Companies like Schneider Electronics, Continental, ZF, Brose, and ElevenES were mentioned, as well as those developing software solutions in Vojvodina, mainly for the financial sector and the gaming industry, such as CCBill, Synechron, Epic Games, Mad Head Games.

Participation in TechConnect has resulted in the interest of several German companies in establishing business units in Novi Sad, and RAV is continuing to work on these projects.

Regardless of their sector, all interested companies can always contact RAV regarding investment conditions in Serbia.