Abstract car and many vehicles parts (done in 3d)


The Vojvodina Development Agency (RAV) participated in the annual conference automotive.2022. Several hybrid B2B meetings were held with representatives of Austrian and Italian companies, who were presented with investment opportunities and connections with potential suppliers from Vojvodina.

The automotive industry is the special focus of RAV, because it is one of the most promising sectors in Vojvodina due to its key characteristics: a geographical location that enables Just-in-Time/Just-in Sequence production, proximity to leading car manufacturers, competitive operating costs, top technical education and availability of highly-qualified staff, and an increasing number of new investment projects in the last few years.

The automotive industry is in third place (after agribusiness and the financial sector) in Vojvodina in terms of the investment amount. According to our statistics, 53 foreign companies have invested in this sector so far, with a total amount of 1.2 billion euros. Of these, 42 companies are currently active and employ a total of 28,900 workers in Vojvodina.

The Vojvodina Development Agency is preparing the Suppliers' Day for this sector for the fall. Once again, we will organize B2B for the foreign companies looking for suppliers and domestic companies with the potential to become suppliers or expand their supplier portfolio.