Let’s be disciplined, let’s win this fight, and get ourselves and our economies back on feet!


Dear colleagues and partners,

Due to the declared state of emergency in the country to curb the spread of coronavirus, the Vojvodina Development Agency will work in the next period in a modified (reduced) regime.

All previously scheduled meetings are postponed and there will be no scheduling of new meetings. All businessmen and other interested parties, however, can contact us, depending on the topic, at the following e-mail addresses:

- information on available domestic and foreign funding sources: biljana.vrzic@rav.org.rs

- information regarding investment projects: ivan.borovcanin@rav.org.rs

- informaton regarding fairs and other activities of the Promotion Sector: olivera.kovacevic@rav.org.rs

Let's be disciplined and smart, let’s win this fight, so that we can continue working and get ourselves and our economies back on feet as soon as possible!

Vojvodina Development Agency - RAV