New Public Call for subsidizing employment was announced


Provincial secretariat for regional development, interregional cooperation and local self-government has announced a Public call for grants to small, medium and large companies for opening new jobs, whose investment project will be realized on the territory of AP Vojvodina.

To be eligible company must open at least 10 and maximum of 100 jobs, within a period of up to three years from the date of conclusion of the contract, and will be obliged to retain that number of employees from the day of full employment for the next three years for small and medium, and five years for large companies.

The total amount of incentive funds allocated for this Public call is 350,000,000.00 dinars.

The investment project must be worth at least 50,000 EUR, and the maximum amount that can be obtained for the newly opened workplace depends on the level of development of the local self-government in which the project will be realized.

For the projects in the first development group amount that can be granted for newly created workplace can go up to maximum of 3,000 euros in dinar countervalue, in the second group in the maximum amount of up to 4,000 euros, while for projects in local self-governments in the third and fourth groups maximum amount can go up to 5,000 euros per new job created.

For more information you can contact the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-Government.