First meeting and gathering of all partners within the project “ReInd BBG”


The first meeting of project partners within the project "Reindustrialization based on the principle 'brownfield is better than greenfield' - Brownfield is Better than Greenfield - ReInd-BBG" took place in Ljubljana on February 6th and 7th. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the leading partner in the project, hosted the meeting. The Development Agency of Vojvodina (RAV), along with the other 15 partners from seven countries, presented its project team and ideas related to the implementation of the project.

The meeting in Ljubljana included capacity building for project partners, sharing best practices in the revitalization of brownfield locations, and planning the following activities related to the project sites, including the brownfield location in the City of Sombor, which is also participating in the project.

Partners also visited a brownfield location in the Slovenian Municipality of Hrastnik, where they discussed with the mayor the possibilities of utilizing this location for the residents of Hrastnik. This model of adapting the use of locations to the socio-economic development needs of municipalities and cities is a goal for all involved locations. Partners will continue with knowledge transfer activities in the coming period, and the Development Agency of Vojvodina will contribute with its extensive experience in attracting investments and presenting locations to investors.

The ReInd-BBG project is financed by the European Union under the Interreg Danube Region Program, with a total project value of 2,398,800.00 euros. It aims to revitalize "brownfield" locations, i.e., old factories and business premises, to minimize the use of free land to construct new factories, which is an essential priority for municipalities in the Danube region. The project will last 30 months (January 1, 2024 – June 30, 2026).