Subsidies for employment allocated to 20 companies in Vojvodina


Representatives of 19 private companies in Vojvodina were awarded contracts on subsidies worth RSD 350 million, in line with the Contest for allocation of funds from the Budget fund for the implementation of development policy measures of AP Vojvodina.

The agreements were handed over to the businessmen by the Provincial Secretary for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-government, Ognjen Bjelić, whose Secretariat, in coordination with the Development Agency of Vojvodina (RAV), opened this competition in October this year and set 350 million dinars for this.

"The funds are provided with first-class bank guarantees, and the realization of projects will be monitored by the Development Agency of Vojvodina on a quarterly basis, while the independent auditor's report will be submitted annually," Bjelic said, and add that the Secretariat will announce the next competition in January 2018. The majority of contracted companies are from the following sectors: metal processing, fruit and vegetable production and processing, textile industry, while one company wokrs in the information technology sector.

The director of the Development Agency of Vojvodina, Nikola Zezelj, emphasized that RAV can help both domestic and foreign companies to find partners. He invited domestic companies to join the Suppliers Base of the Development Agency of Vojvodina, which will help them present products and services to local and foreign clients who are looking for suppliers.