Fruit and vegetable producers from Vojvodina at the Fruit Logistica 2023 in Berlin


More than 100 meetings between domestic fruit and vegetable producers and potential partners from abroad were held at the Fruit Logistica2023 fair, which took place from February 8 to 10 in Berlin. In the Development Agency of Vojvodina organization, domestic producers performed for the fourth time.

This time, four companies went to Berlin (Salad House, Futog; Panonia Walnut, Sombor; Frueko, Novi Sad; Agrounija, Krcedin), one nursery (Bogdanovic, Temerin), one cooperative (Vocko, Tavankut), and two agricultural farms (Ostic, Mandjelos and Sweet Blueberry, Ratkovo).

This year, there were 2,600 exhibitors from 92 countries at the fair, it was more visited than last year, and domestic manufacturers say they are satisfied with the performance.

"We are satisfied with the organization and the achieved results. To our mutual satisfaction, I would say we held more than ten meetings. We spoke with representatives of companies from several countries, including Croatia, Poland, Romania, and Germany, and they showed the most interest in finding fresh edible blueberries, with requests to purchase the entire crop," says Srđan Dakić, owner of the Sweet Blueberry farm.

Nikola Nenadović, director of the branch in Agrounija, part of MK Group, says that there was equal interest in apples:

"The fair was more attended than last year; we held many meetings with existing and potentially new clients. There is interest in apples from Serbia, especially in the Middle East and Indian markets. We hope for concrete and measurable results from this year's fair".

Fruit Logistica is an event that brings together producers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, retailers, experts in fruit packaging and handling, transport, logistics, and all others who are part of this sector. It offers excellent opportunities for networking and contact.

Check the brochure Vojvodina Region - Fruit Logistica 2023 here.