Positive expectations of businessmen


In the 43rd edition of the Business Climate Survey which was realized in March 255 companies from the different sectors were participated. This research shows positive expectations of entrepreneurs in all surveyed segments: total business, cooperation with foreign clients, selling prices, and the number of employees.

The survey was focused on the realized and planned investments. Results show that the Covid-19 virus pandemic affected the investments, which is confirmed by almost half of respondents who claim that they were forced to change the investments plans due to the current situation.

In the previous and current year, 57.3% of surveyed enterprises had some kind of investment in tangible assets, while 33.7% of them did not invest in the previous period.

In the upcoming period, 73.8% of respondents are planning an investment in their business, while the greatest number of investments refers to the purchase of equipment (75.4%). Most investments will be directed towards purchasing new machinery to replace the old and worn-out machinery (27.1%) and increase the existing capacity (25.1%). Investments in new jobs are planned by 22.7% of the surveyed entrepreneurs.

You can download the March edition of the Business Barometer here.