Business operations in the time of Corona – Business Barometar, December 2020


The 42nd round of the Business Climate Survey in AP Vojvodina was realized in December 2020, in which 238 companies from various sectors of activity participated. The main findings of the research show the positive expectations of entrepreneurs in all surveyed segments: total business, cooperation with foreign clients, selling prices, the number of employees.

Adapting to the epidemiological situation, a large number of enterprises have turned to virtual business and business connections, and about 80% of businessmen mostly organize business meetings virtually.

At the time of the pandemic, about 70% of enterprises recorded a decrease in sales of their products and services and were forced to partially or completely modify their business model, while 62% of them changed their investment plans due to new circumstances caused by the pandemic. In the coming period, most companies plan to invest in the replacement of dilapidated plants or equipment (40%) and expand production capacity (33%).

You can download the December edition of the Business Barometer here.