Five years of Continental in Novi Sad – New factory in 2023.


Novi Sad will get a new Continental factory next year, the company announced at the celebration of five years of its operations in Serbia. In the development center and the first factory, opened a year ago, Continental employed a thousand people, and with the construction of the new one, that number should be tripled. The leadership of the Serbian factory expect that the global trends in the automotive industry will be dictated from here.

At the Continental factory in Novi Sad, every 64 seconds, a fully assembled instrument panel comes out of just one strip, and they are used by almost all the world's largest manufacturers in the auto industry, Radio Television Serbia reports.

- So far, we have produced over 150,000 instrument clusters and sent them to various markets in Europe, Asia, and even America. We produce 1,300 to 1,500 pieces daily, depending on the customer's needs - says head of production Aleksandar Aleksic.

The factory is fully automated - highly qualified engineers are far more important for production.

The General Director of Continental Automotive Serbia, Sasa Coringa, expects that from the research and development center, he will dictate the trends of the automotive industry, and precisely from Novi Sad. We will increase the number of people both in the center and in the factory, adds Ćoringa.

Edwin van der Kaa, director of the Continental Automotive Serbia factory, emphasizes that the production of even more advanced solutions, created in Serbia for premium car brands, will soon commence.

The second factory will open in September and its expansion is already being planned. EUR 140 million has been directly invested in these two factories.

- We never regretted the decision because we knew from the beginning that we would find suitable workers and good conditions for what we were planning. Local authorities, the Government of Serbia, universities, all worked together with us to achieve one goal, to turn Novi Sad into the center of engineering and the automotive industry in Serbia - says Continental Automotive Board member Ismail Dagli.

Founded 151 years ago, Continental is one of the leading technology companies, employing over 190,000 people in 58 countries around the world.

Source: eKapija