A new platform for connecting Western Balkan companies with global market customers


The International Finance Corporation (IFC) is informing all light manufacturing companies, especially those in the automotive, industrial equipment, agricultural machinery, and metal processing industries, about the launch of a digital matchmaking platform for connecting suppliers and buyers in those industries.

The digital network will enable Western Balkan businesses to communicate with consumers in the Eurozone, as well as companies in the area, international, and global supply chains.

The digital platform is part of the Western Balkans Manufacturing Value Chains initiative, which is being introduced in collaboration with the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). It was developed in partnership with Achilles, a global platform designer, with the aim of developing a digital market to link manufacturers and potential customers.

To collect additional details for applying, IFC invites all organizations interested in participating on the platform to express their interest by filling out an application on this link.

Participation in the network of 100 Western Balkan companies is completely open.

This initiative is part of the IFC's efforts to create jobs and aid the region's economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic, which generated uncertainty and put pressure on Western Balkan producers. This program was created to provide new opportunities for businesses and to speed up the recovery from pandemics.

Please contact jmiljkovic1@ifc.org or jbralic@ifc.org with any additional details or questions.