Најновији Бизнис барометар – примена модерних технологија у пословању предузећа


In December 2023, the 54th round of the Business Climate Survey in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina was conducted, involving 159 companies operating in various sectors. The survey's main findings indicate positive expectations among business owners at the level of the Vojvodina economy in the research categories: overall business performance, collaboration with foreign clients, and sales prices.

The central theme of the research was the implementation of modern technologies in business operations. The survey findings suggest that nearly half of the surveyed companies use software solutions and modern technologies moderately. As highlighted by respondents, The main challenge in adopting and using modern technologies is the need for more financial resources. One-fifth of the surveyed companies stated they need assistance finding suitable software solutions.

The plans of surveyed companies for further advancing the digitization of business largely involve the introduction of new technologies, expansion of existing digital solutions, and employee education on digital technologies.

You can download the December edition of the Business Barometer here.