March Edition of the Business Barometer – Innovative Approach to Company Development


In March 2024, the 55th round of research on the Business Climate Survey in AP Vojvodina was conducted, with the participation of 109 companies operating in all sectors. The study's main findings show positive expectations among business owners at the level of the Vojvodina economy in the research categories: overall business, sales prices, and changes in the number of employees.

The central themes of the research were innovative approaches to the growth and development of companies and business transformation. The research findings indicate that one-third of the surveyed companies have implemented innovative activities in the past three years, with the most prevalent innovative activities being product/service innovation and production process innovation. Nearly half of the surveyed companies use software solutions for managing business processes, one-third use specialized software tools in product/service creation, and one-fifth have digitized production.

Efficient supply chain management is among the factors necessary for companies' growth and sustainable development. Surveyed companies believe that developing strategies to reduce potential risks contributes the most to strengthening the supply chain. Key priorities in the growth and development strategy of companies identified by respondents include market expansion and improving the quality of products/services.

You can download the March Edition of the Business Barometer here.