Le Belier invests EUR 6 million in construction of new factory hall in Kikinda


The company Le Belier has invested EUR 6 million in the construction of a new facility, says the director of the Kikinda-based company, Jean-Sebastien Ackx.

Ackx says that the company is planning to invest another EUR 1.5 million by the end of the year, Kikindske Novine reports.

– The production in the new hall is to start in June. This is a mechanical processing facility and this is the first facility in Serbia that will produce aluminum castings – Ackx said.

The construction of the new factory, which will be located right next to the current one in the Foundry complex, is the biggest investment of Le Belier Group, which celebrates its 15th anniversary in Kikinda this year.

In early February, 50 new employees will start working at the factory, as well as another 100 by the end of the year.

As Ackx says, both qualified and non-qualified workers, engineers and technicians, are being employed. As the company is 100% export-oriented, and the plan is for the production to be raised to another level, more workforce is required.

– We will not neglect the facility that is already operational either. I expect that we will invest in the casting equipment in the old factory – Ackx adds.

Le Belier Kikinda is a Serbian-French company whose core activity is the production of aluminum castings for the global automotive industry. The group is headquartered in France and has branch offices in Hungary, China and Mexico. A total of 4,000 employees work in these factories, which supply the global automotive industry with brake system components and aluminum chassis.

Source: eKapija