RAV Stories of Growth and Proactive Initiatives – “Cube”


Company "Cube" - an Example for Small Businesses in Vojvodina

In the dynamic world of the business community, Vojvodina has many examples of successes achieved by small firms with big ambitions. One such company is "Cube," a manufacturer of precision CNC components in Stara Pazova. This company has not only carved out its place in the industry but has also become a model for how small local businesses can make significant progress.

In our inaugural edition of "RAV Stories of Growth and Proactive Initiatives," we present the journey of this company—a story of determination, collaboration, and a proactive approach. It serves as a call to action for all small businesses in the region. Our goal is to inspire other companies by sharing good examples and experiences, encouraging them to be proactive and keenly aware of their opportunities.

“CUBE” specializes in producing precision CNC components in large batches from various bar materials and plastic parts through plastic injection molding. They started in 2010 with a 20-year-old machine, producing 1,000 pieces daily. Today, they operate 16 devices, including seven new ones, making 45,000 components daily. Two of these machines were acquired with the help of non-refundable funds for new equipment in 2022 and 2023. They obtained these funds through a competition organized by the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation, and Local Self-Government. The Development Agency of Vojvodina (RAV) facilitated realizing this and other competitions for granting non-refundable funds for purchasing machinery.

These CNC machines, advanced in technology, enable the production of high-precision components in large batches, meeting the demands of multinational companies. According to Sonja Kobečka, a representative of "Cube," reaching their current status required investments in the machinery park:

"In November 2022, we participated in the Supplier Day organized by the Development Agency of Vojvodina, where we connected with the Norma Group from Subotica and initiated the process of becoming their supplier. It's a complex process, and significant investments were needed to meet the requirements of becoming their supplier. Then, in 2023, we participated in another competition to allocate non-refundable funds, Component 2, where, with their recommendation as a multinational company (MNC) and a letter of intent, we obtained funds to purchase a second machine."

In 2023, two public competitions were announced to allocate non-refundable funds to support companies in purchasing new equipment—the first in February and the second in September, introducing Component 2. Companies wishing to become suppliers to multinational companies could apply for funds through this component, with a recommendation from the MNC being one of the conditions. For Cube, the endorsing company was the Norma Group. This wasn't just luck but a response, first and foremost, to the call from RAV to attend the Supplier Day.

"I advise all companies that are able and meet the requirements to participate in competitions and respond to invitations for Supplier Days because it allowed us to close an important circle," says Sonja Kobečka.

A video highlighting this successful case has been posted on the YouTube channel of the Development Agency of Vojvodina. It's a success story and a practical guide illustrating the importance of proactivity and recognizing initiatives, such as Supplier Days and utilizing non-refundable loans offered by the AP Vojvodina.

The inspiring story of Cube, the short video "Success Story - Cube d.o.o," can be found at www.youtube.com/@VojvodinaFDI. If companies want to learn how RAV can help them improve their business, they can visit www.rav.org.rs.