IT in Vojvodina

The region of Vojvodina is increasingly becoming a hot spot for innovation-oriented ICT companies and a first-choice location for reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective alternative to more developed markets.

Key features:

  • 250+ companies, employing 6,000+ IT experts
  • more than 50 companies in electronics manufacturing
  • Microsoft, Siemens, Bosch, Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Muehlbauer, Schneider Electric, LEVI9, Hintech are successfully operating in Serbia
  • Strong institutional support for R&D
  • Excellent support through IT-oriented business incubators
  • Each year about more than 900 university students enroll at the Faculty of Technical Sciences (IT related studioes).


Whatever your ICT enterprise requires, you will certainly find it in a pool of electrical, electronics, IT, embedded software, mechanical, automation and mechatronics engineers. To avoid a potential shortage of qualified personnel, measures are constantly being taken to secure a steady input of new engineers into ICT and this year this has resulted in 5,500 new ICT students in Serbian universities.

Two faculties and one school within the University of Novi Sad have ICT departments.

Faculty of Technical Sciences:

  • Power Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering
  • Computing and Control Engineering

Each year, 180 students enrol in each of these departments. About 80% of these graduate each year.

Faculty of Mathematics

also provides ICT education in its Mathematics and Informatics department.

No. of 1.year students on Software engineering – 110.

The Advanced Technical School of Professional Studies

provides bachelor-level IT education and also covers fields such as object-oriented programming and .NET technologies.

No. of 1.year students on IT department - 60

There are several private schools and certification authorities as well.

Electronics manufacturing

Currently, there are producers of PCBs (up to 24 layers), LED TV assembly lines, PIC development tools and boards, display boards, audio & voice boards, power supply boards, cable harnesses, POS terminals, handheld terminals, chip design and verification, etc.

Why should you produce your electronic product in Vojvodina?

  • You can produce within the same time zone just an hour away from your HQ which allows you to set up just-in-time and just-in-sequence production
  • Very competitive labor costs
  • Large pool of highly qualified engineers with good knowledge of foreign languages (especially those specialized in electronics, automation and mechatronics which are generally more available than those involved in software development)
  • Possibility to find local suppliers and partners for anything from PCB manufacturing, cable harnessing, embedded software development or even casing and housing production since there are some very successful metal processing companies of which, some are even certified for avionics industry
  • If more than 51% of your product originates from Serbia, you may enter the huge market of Russian Federation customs free
  • Excellent IT infrastructure (broadband DSL, cable, wireless and optic fiber internet connection possibilities)
  • Electrical power price is one of (if not) the lowest in Europe
  • Corporate profit tax rate at just 15%
  • Simplified customs procedures