Automotive Supply Industry

The support to the automotive industry is one of the most promising sectors in Vojvodina, which is quite a logical bearing in mind the vicinity of car manufacturers in the region, the geographical location that facilitates Just-in-Time/Just-in Sequence production, as well as the competitive operational costs.

Key features:

  • Ideal geographic location for JIT/JIS production models
  • Close proximity to leading car manufacturers
  • Access to top OEMs - 1,250 km radius
  • Competitive operational costs
  • Increasing number of new investment projects in last few years
  • Long-standing tradition in high-quality production standards

Support System


The automotive industry in Vojvodina boasts a long tradition, available and skilled labor force. The University of Novi Sad offers special programs adapted to suit the needs of investors, while special support is provided by the Faculty of Technical Sciences, with 15,000 students studying electrical engineering, IT, mechanical engineering, power supply, traffic engineering, mechatronics, etc.

3 universities in Vojvodina:

  • 1 state university – 14 faculties;
  • Faculty of Technical Science Novi Sad – 15.000 students.
  • 2 private univerities – 9 faculties

Vocational secondary schools:

  • Metal processing
  • Car mechanics
  • Electrotechnical - automatics
  • Electrotechnical – vehicle
  • Electrotechnical A/C equipment
  • Car electrics

Local support to companies

Metalski klaster Vojvodine

  • 117 members
  • Outsourcing
  • Maintenance support

Vojvodina ICT Cluster

  • 33 companies, 3,500+ experienced IT professionals working in our member companies

Serbian Automotive Cluster

Cooperation with technical schools and universities - establishing new profiles in accordance with the requirements of the economy

Success stories

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