Key Sectors

Sectors With Prospects and Potential

Automotive Industry

An optimal ratio between labor cost, productivity, and quality of workforce together with the fast and efficient connection to a network of Pan-European transport routes have caused many component and system manufacturers to recognize Vojvodina as a growing hub for the automotive industry in Europe.

A variety of opportunities to gear up for greater profitability indicators:

  • Ideal geographic location for JIT/JIS production models
  • Close proximity to leading car manufacturers
  • Access to top OEMs - 1,250 km radius
  • Competitive operational costs
  • Cutting-edge technical education ensuring constant supply of highly-qualified workforce
  • Long-standing tradition in high-quality production standards


The region of Vojvodina has all the ingredients you need to successfully service the fast-growing global consumer markets with premium food products.

A recipe for superior quality food processing guaranteed by:

  • Ample fertile soil: 1.5 mil ha - 84% of the territory
  • Lowest usage of fertilizers and pesticides in Europe
  • High-quality resource base, optimal climate conditions
  • Organic production potential
  • Long-standing experience
  • Growth trend in the export volume share (10,9% increase compared to 2012)
  • No 1 FDI sector: No of companies, Investment volume, Number of workers


The region of Vojvodina is increasingly becoming a hot spot for innovation-oriented ICT companies and a first-choice location for reliable, high-quality, and cost-effective alternative to more developed markets.

  • Sophisticated solutions at lower costs
  • Easy access to best quality, experienced IT staff
  • Continues increase in number of IT students
  • Substantial growth sector resilient to global recession
  • Vast international market expertise of local companies
  • Strong institutional support for R&D
  • Excellent support through IT-oriented business incubators

Renewable energy

Vojvodina is the region with abundant potential in renewable energy sources. As a result of the national energy policy that calls for increased use of renewable resources in order to meet the EU directives, the renewable energy sector is beginning to take shape.


  • 1.6 ha of arable land providing full value chain coverage
  • easy access to raw material base – biomass logistic distribution center in Apatin
  • great investment opportunities for sophisticated biomass boiler manufacturers

Wind power

  • a number of ideal locations for wind power plants
  • average annual wind speed 6.27 m/s
  • Solar energysignificant potential, with 20-30% higher insolation intensity than European average
  • 267 sunny days per year with average insolation 1,000 kwh/m2.


  • estimated potential of small hydropower plants at about 20.2 MW
  • annual production of 90,730,000 kWh at 12 locations with 26 generators