JICA and RAV – Project for increasing the competitiveness of the food sector of Vojvodina


Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Vojvodina Development Agency (RAV) have a long-term cooperation. On Monday, June 13, we held a meeting regarding the project JAPANESE VOLUNTEERS FOR INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION within which JICA volunteer Terasawa Akiko resides and works with RAV for two years, from August 2021 to August 2023.

The goal of this joint project is to increase the competitiveness of the food sector of Vojvodina, especially micro and small enterprises, as well as agricultural farms that have finished products for domestic and foreign markets. The focus is on food products in the field of healthy food, organic food, and premium food products, and one of the target markets in Japan.

One part of the activities of Ms. Terasawa and RAV is aimed at promoting the unique sales offer of Serbia and top Serbian food products on the Japanese market. Promotional activities for our SMEs that want to export to Japan include preparing companies for that market, labeling the food products, promoting Serbian food products to the Japanese business community in Serbia, organizing meetings with potential customers, etc. Therefore, as part of this visit, we took JICA representatives to visit a domestic company, dairy Carpe Diem in village Krusedol, which processes goat's and sheep's milk and has shown interest in the program and has the potential to export to the Japanese market.

In previous years, JICA has enabled the acquisition of advanced knowledge in the field of export promotion, attracting investments, improving the sector of small and medium enterprises for employees of the Development Agency of Vojvodina.