Municipality of Vrbas

Vrbas is a city and municipality located in Serbia, in the South Bačka District in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Vrbas municipality includes the city of Vrbas and the following villages: Backo Dobro Polje, Zmajevo, Kosancic, Kucura, Ravno Selo and Savino Selo.

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  • Proximity of Corridor 10 - Danube
  • Long-standing tradition & expertise in food processing industry
  • Available skilled and educated workforce
  • Abundant resource base - High quality agricultural land
  • WEll-built access to markets

Vrbas Logistics

VRBAS – Total Area: 376 km²

Distance from borders:

  • HUN - 92 km
  • CRO - 50 km
  • ROM - 99 km
  • BUL - 380 km
  • B&H - 140 km

Distance from highway:

  • E-75 - 3.5 km
  • E-70 - 83 km

Distance from airport:

  • Belgrade - 120 km
  • Osijek - 90 km
  • Timisoara - 135 km
  • Budapest - 209 km

Energy potential in Vrbas

  • Municipality is gasified: 90%
  • Local pipeline lenght: 273 km
  • Presure on main pipeline 6-16 bar
  • Presure on local pipeline 4 bar
  • Total land: 37,600 ha
  • Agricultural land: 33,989 ha
  • Arable land: 33,789 ha
  • Most common crops: maize, soy, wheat, sugar beet, barley
  • No. of distribution substations: 238
  • Total power (kVA): 129,680
  • Total network length (km): 240,962
  • Available capacities (kVA): 66,570

Average speed 4m/s at 100 m

37.2 °C temperatureat 1,033 m
51 °C temperatureat 932 m
56°C temperatureat 947 m

Infrastructure in Vrbas


Regional road network: 25 km

  • Feketic-Vrbas
  • Backo Dobro Polje-Vrbas
  • Backo Dobro Polje-Zmajevo
  • Zmajevo-Sirig
  • Zmajevo-Stepanovicevo
  • Zmajevo-Ravno Selo
  • Ravno Selo-Despotovo
  • Savino Selo-Despotovo
  • Savino Selo-Kula
  • Savino Selo-Kucura

Local road network: 18.5 km

  • Ravno Selo-Kulpin
  • Savino Selo-Kosancic
  • Kucura-Zmajevo

Port in Novi Sad distance 45 km

Canal network for drainage
Danube-Tisza-Danube Canal

Irrigation system network: 5,982 ha

Drainage system network: 30,000 ha


Railway network length: 25 km

  • Beograd-Novi Sad-Subotica
  • Vrbas-Sombor

Axial pressure: 22 t


Sewage system:

* Vrbas 98 %

* other settlements 20-85%

Sewage network: 80 km

Population, education and labor cost in Vrbas

Number of inhabitants 42,092

Employed (2020) 10,0037

Unemployed (July 2021) 3,887

Labor cost structure

Average salary in Vrbas (Avgust 2018)

NET Salary362
Personal Income Tax10.00%37
Contributions (Emploeyee)19.9%99
GROSS Salary499
Contributions (Employer)17.9%89
TOTAL Cost588

From July 1st, 2014, until December 31st 2019, the employers have the right for refund on the paid personal income tax & social insurance contributions:

  • 65% refund for employing 1-9 workers
  • 70% refund for employing 10-99 workers
  • 75% refund for employing 100+ workers
Average Salary for Production sector in Vojvodina, November 2017

NET: € 398

GROSS: € 550


Average salary (total cost) for 2017 €563


High Schools

SpecializedFood Tech7318
Industrial Pharmaceutical8728
Environmental protection7925
Computer Management Technician3317
Mechanical Tech-Computer Engineering7020
Car Mechanics
Mechanics-AC Equipment
Gas&Pneumatics Mechanics
Road Traffic Tech13053
MedicalNurcing Tech6720

Key sectors in Vrbas



One of the main economic branches

  • High quality agricultural land- 33,789 ha of arable land
  • 3,289 registered local farmers
  • High-density inland waterway network (Danube-Tisza-Danube Canal) ensuring excellent irrigation/drainage possibilities
  • Long-standing tradition & impressive expertise in agricultural processing industry
  • Easy access to skilled workforce
  • Farmer cooperatives & associations development
  • Wide network of potential local suppliers
  • Significant part of production is export-oriented
  • Successful companies: Carnex, Medela, Vital, Trivit-pek, Sugar refinery Backa


Easy access to ample resources

  • 33,989 ha of agricultural land
  • Significant crop residues- available for biomass cogeneration
  • Annual production amounts to 86,246 tons per year
  • Estimated power capacity- 197,893 MWh
  • Biomass type: crop biomass, fruit-wine growing biomass, manure, food processing, forestry-wood processing, communal waste

Top 10 Employers in Vrbas

CARNEX d.o.o.Meat processingSerbia846
VITAL a.d.AgribusinessSerbia349
RPD-FTO d.o.o.ServiceSerbia302
SAVA KOVACEVIC a.d.AgribusinessSerbia296
MEDELA a.d.AgribusinessSerbia131
ŠARČEVIĆ COTransportSerbia73
JUROŠEVIĆ DOOTransport and tradeSerbia60
MANYU DOO.TextileItaly38

Edited on 11/10/2020

Greenfield locations in Vrbas

Location 1

Industrial Zone Kucura

Land size: 73 ha

Located in the North area of the municipality

Access to road

Urban Plan is adopted

* Possibility of conection to existing infrastructure network

Ownership: Municipal

Infrastructure: electricity, water, gas

For sale and lease

Industrial Zone Kucura
Industrial Zone Savino Selo

Location 2

Industrial Zone Savino Selo

Land size: 45 ha

Located in the South-East area of the municipality

Access to road

Detailed regulation plan is adopted

* Possibility of conection to existing infrastructure network

Ownership: Municipal

Infrastructure: gas

For sale and lease

Location 3

Industrial Zone Blok 5

Land size: 2.11 ha

Possibility of linkage to existing infrastructure network

In close proximity to Vrbas-Kula road

Access to DTD Canal

General Urban Plan is adopted

Ownership: Municipal

No infrastructure

For sale and lease

Industrial Zone Blok 5

Brownfield Locations in Vrbas

Location 1

Beton NSD d.o.o.

Land size: 6.71 ha

Facilities: 1,360 m²

Infrastructure: electricity, water

Ownership: Private

For sale and lease

Beton NSD d.o.o.
Florida d.o.o.

Location 2

Florida d.o.o.

Land size: 400 m²

Facilities: 300 m²

Infrastructure: electricity, water, sewage

Ownership: Private

For sale and lease

Location 3

Figrad Megamarket

Land size: 67.47 a

Facilities: 3,250 m² + 25 m²

Infrastructure: water,sewag

Ownership: Private

For sale and lease

Figrad Megamarket
Backa Hotel

Location 4

Backa Hotel

Land size: 5,000 m²

Facility: 294 m²

Infrastructure: electricity, water, sewage

Ownership: Private

For lease

Upon receiving the investor’s request

the consolidated construction procedures are conducted in the following phases:

  • Issuing the location conditions for the cadastre parcel suitable for construction – from the day of obtaining all special conditions, permits and other documents --> no later than 5 working days
  • Issuing the construction permit – from the day of the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Upon receiving the application:

Based on registering the construction work,issuing the verification for receiving the application without delay, provided that the complete documentation has been submitted.

- Registering the construction works to receive acceptance/rejection --> 5 working days

- Subsequently, submitting the request for infrastructure installations --> 3 working days

Issuing the occupancy permit, upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Issuing the final approval upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

In total: 28 working days

Municipal Incentives

Land Development Fee Discount

For facilities built for the following purposes:

* production & warehouse facilities

* public use, communal infrastructure

Land Development Fee - discount 30%

special offer for lump-sum payments

* or in 36 monthly installments

Land Purchase Price / Land Lease Fee

Possibility of paying in monthly installments

For greenfield investments municipal council approval needed

Success Stories in Vrbas


Your Partner in Municipality

Municipality Office

Igor Milovic – Department of Public Service

Phone: +381 21 7954 000; +381 64 8172 059

Email: igor.milovic@vrbas.net

Tatjana Jovovic – Office for Local Economic Development

Phone: +381 21 706 316; +381 64 805 3198

Email: kler@vrbas.net