City of Pančevo

Pancevo is a city located in the southern part of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, in Republic of Serbia. Pancevo is located on the banks of the Danube and Tamis, in the southern part of Banat, and it's the administrative headquarters of the city of Pancevo and the South Banat District. Pancevo is the fourth largest city in Vojvodina by population.

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  • Exceptional strategic location for economic development
  • High-quality logistics with quick connections to corridors 7 & 10
  • Proximity of two largest cities: Belgrade & Novi Sad
  • Supplier support industry with a great number of SMEs
  • A city with a clear vision: strategic plan for 2014-2020

Pančevo Logistics

Distance from borders:

  • HUN - 214 km
  • CRO - 137 km
  • ROM - 160 km
  • BUL - 300 km
  • B&H - 185 km

Distance from highway:

  • E-75 - 18 km
  • E-70 - 0 km

Distance from airport:

  • Belgrade - 38 km

Infrastructure in Pančevo


Road network: 125 km

State highways, class Ib: 48 km

  • Belgrade-Pancevo-Vrsac-Romania
  • Pancevo-Kovacica-Kovin

State highway, class II: 11 km

  • Pancevo-Kovacica-Zrenjanin

State highways, class IIb: 66 km


River Danube lenght: 30 km

Port Pancevo complex: 240 ha

- Fully equiped

- Dock for river-sea ships with capacity of 5,000 t at any weather stream

Port in Belgrade distance: 10 km

Irrigation system network: 900 ha


Railway network length: 37 km

  • Belgrade-Pancevo-Vrsac-Romania
  • Pancevo-Zrenjanin-Kikinda
  • Pancevo-Belgrade

Axial pressure: 22.5 t

Industrial track at most industrial locations


Sewage system: 65%

Sewage network: 170 km

Energy potential in Pančevo

  • Municipality is gasified: 65-70%
  • Local pipeline lenght: 550 km
  • Presure on main pipeline 5 bar
  • Presure on local pipeline 1-3 bar
  • Gasification of South area in progress
  • No. of distribution substations: 503
  • Total power (kVA): 282,340
  • Total network length (km): 583 + 615
  • Energy supplied in 2013/14: 478,844 MWh
  • Total land: 75,247 ha
  • Agricultural land: 63,322 ha
  • Arable land: 59,686 ha
  • Most common crops: maize, sugar beet, wheat, sunflower

Average speed 6 m/s at 100 m

30.5°C temperature at 650 m

Population, education and labor cost in Pančevo

Number of inhabitants 123,414

Employed (2020) 32,017

Unemployed (July 2021) 6,749

Labor cost structure

Average salary in Pančevo (March, 2020)

NET Salary 506
Personal Income Tax 10.00% 56
Contributions (Emploeyee) 19.9% 140
GROSS Salary 701
Contributions (Employer) 16.65% 107
TOTAL Cost 818

From July 1st, 2014, until December 31st 2019, the employers have the right for refund on the paid personal income tax & socal insurance contributions:

  • 65% refund for employing 1-9 workers
  • 70% refund for employing 10-99 workers
  • 75% refund for employing 100+ workers


High Schools

School Profile #students #graduates
Gymnasium Mathematical-Scientific + Humanities 480+480 120+120
Mechanical CAD Mechanical Technician 240 60
Computer Control Technician 120 30
Motor Vehicle Mechanical Tech 120 30
Car Mechanics 90 30
Mechanical Processing Operator 90 30
Mechatronics Technician 60 30
Road Traffic Tech 90 30
Motor Vehicle Driver 90 30
Tehnical Industrial Pharmaceutical Technician 120 30
Environment Protection Technician 120 30
Graphical Production Technician 120 30
Chemical Technician 120 30
Biotechnology Technician 120 30
Food Processing Technician 120 30
Recycling Technician 120 30
Architecture Technician 120 30
Geodetic Technician 120 30
Agricultural Vet Tech 120 30
Agricultural Tech 120 30
Horticulture Technician 120 30
Electrotechnical Multimedia Technician 120 30
IT Technician 96 24
Process Control Technician 120 30
Telecommunication Technician 120 30
Power Line Electrician 120 30
Computer System Admin 80 20
Economics, Commerce 7 Profiles 750 210

Key sectors in Pančevo



Main advantages:

  • Abundant premium quality agricultural land: 53,187 ha - 70% of total land
  • Favorable natural conditions for vegetable & fruit cultivation
  • Well-developed grain milling industry
  • Cooperatives with considerable agricultural land
  • Wide network of potential local suppliers
  • Great number of companies, SMEs, local farmers
  • High export share
  • Lower transportation costs – due to direct access to premium raw material base
  • North Industrial Zone – Greenfield locations suitable for setting-up agribusiness processing companies
Cereal & Vegetable Processing

Cereal & Vegetable Processing

Cereal Processing:

  • Most common crops: maize, wheat, sunflower, sugar beet, soy, rapeseed
  • Total number of registered farmers – 4,742
  • Successful companies: FSH Jabuka, Industrija skroba Jabuka, AD Ratar, DOO Granexport, AD Pekarska industrija Pančevo

Vegetable Processing:

  • Most common vegetables: paprika, tomato, cabbage, potatoes
  • Associations Vegetable producers Glogonj, Banatski Brestovac
  • Investment opportinities: grain tanks, cold storage, drier
Meat & Dairy

Meat & Dairy

Main advantages:

  • Total number of registered farmers for livestock breeding – 4,745
  • Great number of livestock farms suitable for biomass
  • Successfull companies: AD Stari Tamis, Timok


Main advantages:

  • The city of Pancevo – the biggest petro-chemical center in the Balkans
  • Well-developed industry foundation and existence of the basic industry with well-known companies:
    • NIS Gazpromnjeft – oil derivatives
    • HIP Petrohemija – production of petrochemical products, raw materials and chemicals
    • MESSER Tehnogas – produciton of industrial, medical and special gases
  • Companies are located in the South Industrial zone
Logistics Center

Logistics Center

Main advantages:

  • Belgrade proximity – 18 km, while having lower costs of doing business
  • 2 rivers running through the city: Danube, Tamis
  • International port Danube Pancevo – final upstream port on the river Danube that can dock boats up to 5,000 t capacity under all water level conditions
  • Crossroads of Corridors 7 & 10
  • Developed processing industry

Investment opportunities:

- Logistics Center development – Greenfield location in the South part of the city – close proximity to Danube port and the navigation canal of the Azotara Plant

Metal Processing

Metal Processing

Main advantages:

  • Tradition in metal processing sector spanning more than 75 years
  • Aircraft factory “UTVA-Pancevo“ established in the 1940’s - as a workforce creator of many successful companies in the sector
  • Existence of high-school programs in Pancevo related to metal processing industry needs: metal processing operator, machine tech, electro-tech of process management, etc.
  • In the employment structure, the highest number of employed workforce is in the metal processing industry
  • Well developed network of potential local suppliers
  • Prominent companies in the sector: UTVA-Aviation Industry LLC, Tehnomarket, Feromont oprema, Montaža Minel

Automotive industry

A new automotive industry sector is developed at the location of the North Industrial Zone, with the following companies operating in the Zone:

  • ZF Serbia d.o.o – car component plant, with a research&development centre,
  • Brose d.o.o. – currently building a factory for manufacture of automotive industry, with a research&development centre.

Top 10 Employers in Pančevo

Company Sector Country #Employees
HIP PETROHEMIJA PANČEVO Petrochemical Serbia 1,435
NIS GAZPROMNJEFT Oil & Gas Russia 700
ZF SERBIA Automotive Germany 600
ALMEKS Agribusiness Serbia 365
INDUSTRIJA SKROBA JABUKA Agribusiness Serbia 185
PEKARSKA INDUSTRIJA Agribusiness Serbia 182
STRABAG Construction Austria 178
FSH JABUKA Agribusiness Serbia 139

Greenfield locations in Pančevo

Location 1

Industrial Zone - North

Land size: 75 ha + 22.2 ha

Available: 24 ha + 22.2 ha

Ownership: city

*infrastructure: water and sewage systems, telecommunications network, high voltage electricity grid, gas supply (in most locations), and good access to main and regional roads

* Existing detailed spatial plans. The locations’ advantages are its close proximity to the river and port on the Danube River.

For sale

Industrial Zone - North
Greenfield 2 – South Pancevo

Location 2

Greenfield 2 – South Pancevo

Land size: 77.8 ha

Ownership: 47.4 ha – city; 30,40 private

* According to the Urban Development Plan, all types of (industrial, craft, commercial, and other facilities) can be built - that are on List II of the Regulation of projects for which the environment impact assessment is mandatory and the list of projects for which impact assessment may be required.

*no infrastructure

For sale

Location 3

Tamis River front zone

Land size: 3.4 ha + 3.8 ha

Water supply and sewage network

Natural gas and power supply available in the surrounding streets

Land use: Sporst facilities and complex, multi residential buildings

For sale

Tamis River front zone

Brownfield Locations in Pančevo

Location 1


Land size: 3.92 ha

Facilities: 6,935 m²

Infrastructure under construction

Ownership: city

For sale


Location 2


Land size: 0 m²

Facilities: 6,000 m²

*not operational

Infrastructure: Electricity, Water, Sewage

*gas in the close proximity

Ownership: city

* reconstruction according to conditions for cultural heritage monuments

For lease

Incentives & Fees in Pančevo

Alienation of publicly owned building land at a price less than the market price or free of charge

Communal tax for displaying business names are reduced by:

  • 10% for large legal entities
  • 30% for medium legal entities
  • 60% for small legal entities with revenue greater than RSD 50,000,000.00
  • 80% for micro legal entities and entrepreneurs with revenue greater than RSD 50,000,000.00.

Micro legal entities and entrepreneurs with revenue under 50,000,000 RSD are exempted from paying the fee.

Legal entities, or entrepreneurs, which after completing investments which are significant for the City of Pančevo, and which contribute to faster economic development of the city by hiring unemployed persons, thus increasing the average number of employed persons by 10%, depending on the average number of employed persons prescribed by Article 6 of the Law on Accounting for Categorization, will not pay communal tax for 24 months.

Upon receiving the investor’s request

the consolidated construction procedures are conducted in the following phases:

  • Issuing the location conditions for the cadastre parcel suitable for construction – from the day of obtaining all special conditions, permits and other documents --> no later than 5 working days
  • Issuing the construction permit – from the day of the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Upon receiving the application:

Based on registering the construction work,issuing the verification for receiving the application without delay, provided that the complete documentation has been submitted.

- Registering the construction works to receive acceptance/rejection --> 5 working days

- Subsequently, submitting the request for infrastructure installations --> 3 working days

Issuing the occupancy permit, upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Issuing the final approval upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

In total: 28 working days

Success Stories in Pančevo


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