Novi Sad

City of Novi Sad

Novi Sad is the second largest city of Serbia, the capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the administrative center of the South Backa District. It is located in the southern part of the Pannonian Plain, on the banks of the Danube river. Besides the urban part of the city, Petrovaradin and Sremska Kamenica, there are 12 more settlements and 1 town in Novi Sad's municipal area.

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  • Favorable geostrategic position - Direct access to E75 highway
  • Duty-free access to global markets & existence of Free Zone
  • Special set of municipal incentives for investors & local municipality support
  • Available high-quality workforce - Developed educational system with diverse sector profiles
  • Recognizable brand in tourism with great potential for further growth

Novi Sad Logistics

NOVI SAD – Total Area: 699 km²

Distance from borders:

  • HUN - 109 km
  • CRO - 40 km
  • ROM - 67 km
  • BUL - 225 km
  • B&H - 97 km

Distance from highway:

  • E-75 - 0 km
  • E-70 - 40 km

Distance from airport:

  • Belgrade - 80 km
  • Osijek - 108 km
  • Timisoara - 157 km

Infrastructure in Novi Sad


Highway E75 lenght: 42 km

Regional road network: 148 km

  • Subotica-Sombor-Odzaci-Novi Sad-Zrenjanin-Zitiste-Nova Crnja-Romania
  • Novi Sad-Irig-Ruma- Sabac-Koceljeva-Valjevo-Kosjeric-Pozega-Arilje-Ivanjica-Sjenica
  • Horgos-Subotica-Backa Topola-Mali Idjos-Srbobran- Novi Sad-Sremski Karlovci-Indjija-Stara Pazova-Beograd

Local road network: 102 km

  • Feketic-Vrbas-Zmajevo-Rumenka
  • Croatia-Beocin-Sremska Kamenica
  • Kac-Sajkas-Titel-Perlez-Kovacica-Secanj-Romania

River Danube lenght: 33 km

- Port in Novi Sad

Canal network for drainage: 25,367 ha

Irrigation/drainage system network: 25,367 ha


Railway network length: 94.3 km

  • Novi Sad-Beograd
  • Novi Sad-Subotica
  • Novi Sad-Sombor
  • Novi Sad-Zrenjanin

Sewage system: 74%

Sewage network: 767 km

Energy potential in Novi Sad

  • Municipality is gasified: 95%
  • Local pipeline lenght: 1,290 km
  • Presure on main pipeline 6-12 bar
  • Presure on local pipeline 1-3 bar
  • Total land: 70,200 ha
  • Agricultural land: 51,223 ha
  • Arable land: 46,298 ha
  • Most common crops: cereals, industrial plants, roughage
  • No. of distribution substations: 964
  • Total power (kVA): 821,801
  • Total network length (km): 4,112
  • Avilable capacities (kVA): 61,000

Average speed 2.9 m/s at 10 m

23 °C temperatureat 300 m
39 °C temperatureat 573 m
38°C temperatureat 810 m
36 °C temperatureat 824 m
Insolation 75 days p.a.2,135 hrs

Population, education and labor cost in Novi Sad

Number of inhabitants 341,625

Employed (2020) 158,740

Unemployed (July 2021) 14,428

Labor cost structure

Average salary in Novi Sad ( March 2020)

NET Salary588
Personal Income Tax10.00%68
Contributions (Emploeyee)19.9%163
GROSS Salary819
Contributions (Employer)16.65%136
TOTAL Cost955

From July 1st, 2014 the employers have the right for refund on the paid personal income tax & social insurance contributions:

  • 65% refund for employing 1-9 workers
  • 70% refund for employing 10-99 workers
  • 75% refund for employing 100+ workers


High Schools

AgricultureAgricultural Tech25571
Mechanic of Agricultural Machinery248
MechanicalMechanical Tech - Computer Engineering8544
Mechanical Tech for Motor Vehicles9522
Car Mechanics4215
Electro-technicalElectrotechnical- Motor Vehicles4223
Electrotechnical- Installations228
Electro-mechanics- AC Equipment218
Electrotech- Energy10727
Electrotech- AC Equipment10232
Electrotech- Automatics15915
Electrotech- IT28325
Electrotech- Computer11159
Vehicle Electronics22426
ICT Electrotech/49
TechnicalDry construction fitter157
Architectural Technicion9121
Facility Maintenance Technicion7923
Interior Design7718
Landscaping Tech11232
Apparel Designer9426

Educational Centers

ITBasic IT training, Business IT
LinguisticsEnglish, German
BusinessMarketing, Accounting


Natural Sciences & Mathematics4,859

Key sectors in Novi Sad



Regional industrial center

  • 289 companies registered in agribusiness sector
  • Total revenue- 560 million EUR
  • Number of employees in the sector- 5,491
  • Favorable Agri-Ecological conditions enabling agribusiness development
  • Long production tradition & processing expertise
  • Faculty of Technology & Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad- continuous supply of trained workforce
  • Institute of Field & Vegetable Crops- established as an Agricultural Research Institute
  • Existing foreign investors & successful companies: Heineken Serbia, Konzul d.o.o., Sano d.o.o., Sunoko, Minaqua, Big trade, Hleb a.d.
  • Easy access to ample resource base for the processing industry
  • Local suppliers network is well-developed
  • Natural waterway (river Danube), Canal network (Danube-Tisza-Danube)
  • Storage capacities amounting to 218,700 t
    silos 135,700 t, on-floor storage 57,000 t, cold storage 26,000 t
  • Large number of registered agricultural farms- 5,832
  • Futoski cabbage- internationally renowned & unique brand
Meat & Dairy

Meat & Dairy

Capacity expansion opportunities

  • 1,032 of registered individual farms for livestock breeding from which 3 sheep & goats, 9 cattle, 3 pig, 41 poultry farm
  • Pastures & meadows- 10,000 ha
  • History of good results
  • Possibility for further development in cooperation with individual farmers
  • Successful companies: IM Matijevic, Neoplanta
Automotive components

Automotive components

Availability of large labor pool

  • Qualified workforce eager to expand their competencies and meet the expectations of seeking investors
  • Highly competitive labor costs
  • Local supplier network
  • Dedicated support for investors and the sector growth on the municipal level
  • Great potential for export-oriented production due to FTAs and favorable logistics position
  • Foreign investors & successful companies: Delphi Packard, Lear Corporation, FKL a.d., Feniksbus, Novatronic, Viskol group


Expertise at competetive operating costs

  • Sector with steady growth- more than 3,500 employees in ICT sector
  • Excellent price-competitiveness of IT services
  • Access to qualified talent pool- relevant educational institutions in Novi SadFaculty of Natural Sciences - Faculty of Technical Sciences
  • On the global market, IT specialists are mainly engaged in the outsourcing of software development
  • Vojvodina ICT Cluster (VOICT)- provides a single point of contact with the most prominent IT companies
  • Scientific-Tech Park spreading over 2,130 m2 with planned 29,134 m2 of IT Park- offering flexible, capable and diverse workspaces to cater to all companies needs
  • Successful companies: Schneider Electric DMS NS, Levi 9, Devtech, Hinttech, Eipix entertainment, Planet Systems group, Eton digital

Top 10 Employers in Novi Sad

IM MATIJEVICMeatSerbia1,667
JP VOJVODINA ŠUMEForest managementSerbia1,553
JGSP NOVI SADPublic transportSerbia1,261
JP SRBIJA GASNatural gas distributionSerbia1,105

Greenfield locations in Novi Sad

Location 1

Rimski šančevi – Jegrička ulica

Land size: 6,968 m²

Available: 6,968 m²

Ownership: City of Novi Sad

Infrastructure: electricity, water, optical cable

For sale

Rimski šančevi – Jegrička ulica
Futog – east from Sonje Marinkovic street

Location 2

Futog – east from Sonje Marinković street

Land size:22x1.760 m²

Ownership: City of Novi Sad

Infrastructure: near by

For sale

Location 3


Land size: 4,873m²

Available: 1,623m²+1,624m2+ 1,626 m2

Ownership: City of Novi Sad

Infrastructure:electricity, water, optical cable

For sale

Rimski šančevi

Location 4

Rimski šančevi

Land size:4,073m2+ 4,073m2+4,073m2 4,073m2+ 4,073m2+ 4,073m2+ 4,073m2

Ownership: City of Novi Sad

Infrastructure: near by

For sale

Brownfield Locations in Novi Sad

Location 1

POBEDA holding- subsidiary of MK holding d.o.o.

Located in East Industrial Zone

Close to Subotica-Beograd Railway

River Danube proximity

Facilities: 9,172 m², 8, 475 m², 7, 857 m², 4,149 m², 3,789 m², 2, 467 m², 815 m², 487 m²...

Infrastructure: electricity, water, sewage

Ownership: Private

For lease

POBEDA holding- subsidiary of MK holding d.o.o.
Work zone Rimski sancevi

Location 2

Work zone „Rimski sancevi“


No 1: 1,476.59 m2 ( office space, kitchen and toilets)

No 2: 1,826.15 m2 (office space, kitchen and toilets)

Infrastructure: electricity, water, sewage

Ownership: City of Novi Sad

For lease

Location 3

Land size: 9,402 m2

Facilities: 5,450 m2, (consists of 4 sections and can be rented partially)

Infrastructure: electricity, water, gas, sewage

Infrastructure: Complex is located in the industrial zone

Ownership: Private

For lease

Production Hall & Warehouse Mikom d.o.o.Located in North Industrial Zone

Incentives and Fees in Novi Sad

1,688 € per every new job created
30% Land Development Fee
  • for projects with significant development impact
  • municipal council approval needed
  • discount for lump-summ payments
Land Development Fee 0%
  • for production & warehouse facilities
  • Land Purchase & Lease Discount
  • favorable rates for municipal land
  • for investment that create new employment

Upon receiving the investor’s request

the consolidated construction procedures are conducted in the following phases:

  • Issuing the location conditions for the cadastre parcel suitable for construction – from the day of obtaining all special conditions, permits and other documents --> no later than 5 working days
  • Issuing the construction permit – from the day of the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Upon receiving the application:

Based on registering the construction work,issuing the verification for receiving the application without delay, provided that the complete documentation has been submitted.

- Registering the construction works to receive acceptance/rejection --> 5 working days

- Subsequently, submitting the request for infrastructure installations --> 3 working days

Issuing the occupancy permit, upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Issuing the final approval upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

In total: 28 working days

Success Stories in Novi Sad


Your Partner in Novi Sad

Municipality Office

Jelena Jakovljev – International Relations Officer

Phone: +381 21 480 77 35