Municipality of Irig

Irig is a town and municipality in the Syrmia District of Vojvodina, Serbia. The municipality has 10,866 inhabitants. Just 55 km from Belgrade, this municipality is easily accessible via the Novi Sad-Irig-Ruma motorway, just off the E70 highway. It is also located just seven miles from Fruska Gora ridge, one of the most popular excursion sites in the area. Irig offers plenty of options for rest and relaxation.

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  • Proximity of the highway E70
  • Favorable natural resources for wine growing
  • Great potential for tourism growth
  • Successful companies presence
  • Competitive workforce – diverse sector profiles

Irig Logistics

Irig Total Area: 230 km²

Distance from borders:

  • HUN - 145 km
  • CRO - 65 km
  • ROM - 160 km
  • BUL - 720 km
  • B&H - 85 km

Distance from highway:

  • E-75 - 25 km
  • E-70 - 15 km

Distance from airport:

  • Belgrade - 70 km
  • Osijek - 180 km
  • Budapest - 145 km

Energy potential in Irig

  • Municipality is gasified: 40%
  • Local pipeline lenght: 20 km
  • Presure of main pipeline 6-12 bar
  • Presure of local pipeline 1-4 bar
  • Total land: 22,600 ha
  • Agricultural land: 15,739 ha
  • Arable land: 15,597 ha
  • Most common crops: wheat, maize, soy
  • No. of distribution substitusions: 112
  • Total power (kVA): 49,440
  • Total network length (km): 250
  • Available capacities (kVA): 40,000

Average speed 4.8 m/s at 50 m

32.8°C temperature at 600 m
31°C temperature at 500 m
35°C temperature at 500 m
Insolation 95 days p.a. 2,400 hrs

Infrastructure in Irig


Regional road network: 27 km

  • Maradik-Irig-Zmajevac

Local road network: 65 km

  • Vrdnik-Jazak
  • Regional road-Satrinci
  • Regional road-Neradin
  • Banstol

River Danube distance: 25 km

- Port in Novi Sad distance 25 km

Irrigation/drainage system network: 18,500 ha


Railway network distance: 12 km


Sewage system: 60%

Sewage network: 30 km

Population, education and labor cost in Irig

Number of inhabitants 10,866

Employed (2020) 2,252

Unemployed (July, 2021) 930

Labor cost structure

Average salary in Irig (Dec, 2020)

NET Salary 429
Personal Income Tax 10.00% 43
Contributions (Emploeyee) 19.9% 117
GROSS Salary 590
Contributions (Employer) 16.65% 98
TOTAL Cost 688

From July 1st, 2014 the employers have the right for refund on the paid personal income tax & socal insurance contributions:

  • 65% refund for employing 1-9 workers
  • 70% refund for employing 10-99 workers
  • 75% refund for employing 100+ workers


High Schools

School Profile #students #graduates
Agricultural Culinary 55 -
Fruit & vine growing 44 9
Tourism 81 26

Distance to Novi Sad - 20 km

Distance to Ruma - 10 km

Close proximity to Novi Sad and Ruma where all high-school profiles and universities are available

Key sectors in Irig



Favorable geographical position

  • 15,739 ha of agricultural land – 68.4% of total land
  • 20.7% of total land covered with forest, 0.33 ha of greenhouses
  • Most of the land is under apple orchards – 40% of total agricultural land
  • Wine growing (236 ha) is one of the most important agricultural aspects, excellent geological & climate conditions, longstanding tradition in wine making, quality assurance - Fruska Gora geographical origin
  • 1,521 registered individual agricultiral farms
  • Beekeeping developed: 982 registered beekeepers societies – 964 hives
  • 9 storage facilities for fruits &vegetables – 24,697 t capacity (used:24,271 t)
  • 9 grain storage silos with capacity of 437 t – currently used 273 t
  • Successful companies operating in the field of apple and wine growing: Atos Fructum, Al Dahra Rudnap, Polino Agrar, Kovacevic Vinery

Investments opportunities: fruit proccesing, wine making, cereals processing



Great landscapes - mountain, lakes

  • Wine tasting tourism - main driver for tourists visits in the region of Fruska Gora
  • Mountain hiking – variety of picturesque landscapes
  • Lakes: Bankovci, Dobrodol, Borkovac
  • National park sites: Iriski Venac, Zmajevac
  • Monasteries: 8 unique monasteries built in the period from 15–18 century
  • Ethno–rural tourism locations - Jasak, Neradin, Irig, etc.
  • Average number of overnight stays in 2014 – 60,000
  • Excellent potential for spa center development
Geothermal boreholes
32.8°C temperature at 600 m
31°C temperature at 500 m
35°C temperature at 500 m
Accommodation capacities
2 Hotels 150 rooms
Motel 14 rooms
Private accommodation 460 beds
Ethno village spreading over 3 ha
Metal Processing

Metal Processing

Longstanding tradition

  • Proven track record of good results – over 50 years of practice
  • Expertise in processing of machinery parts for agricultural equipment
  • Quick access to skilled workforce – over 300 experienced workers currently unemployed
  • Highly competitive labor cost
  • Close proximity to Novi Sad and Ruma where metal processing high-school profiles and universities are available

Top 10 Employers in Irig

Company Sector Country #Employees
PREMIER AQUA VRDNIK Hotel/Hospitality Serbia 113
LIRA MIX IRIG Animal Feed B&H 92
VINERY KOVACEVIC Vine production/Hospitality Serbia 52
JAZAK Water Serbia/Russia 23
EKO METAL VRDNIK Electrical Recycling Slovenia 27
PLANTEN Greenhouse Holland 19
ATOS FRUCTUM Apple Growing Serbia 19

Greenfield locations in Irig

Location 1

Industrial zone

Land size: 31.5 ha

Available: 1 ha

Infrastructure: electricity, water, gas, optic cable

*Sewage-project documentation completed

Ownership: municipal

For sale

Industrial zone

Brownfield Locations in Irig

Location 1

Wooden crate production hall

Land size: 2.2 ha

Facilities: 2,841 m²

Infrastructure: electricity, water, gas

Ownership: municipal

*lease for 99 years

Wooden crate production hall
Cold storage

Location 2

Cold storage

Land size: 2.2 ha

Facilities: 471 m²

Infrastructure: electricity, water, gas, optical cable

Ownership: private

For sale

Upon receiving the investor’s request

the consolidated construction procedures are conducted in the following phases:

  • Issuing the location conditions for the cadastre parcel suitable for construction – from the day of obtaining all special conditions, permits and other documents --> no later than 5 working days
  • Issuing the construction permit – from the day of the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Upon receiving the application:

Based on registering the construction work,issuing the verification for receiving the application without delay, provided that the complete documentation has been submitted.

- Registering the construction works to receive acceptance/rejection --> 5 working days

- Subsequently, submitting the request for infrastructure installations --> 3 working days

Issuing the occupancy permit, upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Issuing the final approval upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

In total: 28 working days

Incentives & Fees in Irig

Land development Fee

Discounts depending on the number of employees

100% reduction for investments of strategoc significance for municipal economic development

Land Development Fee - discount 30%

special offer for lump-sum paymnets

*or in 36 monhtly installments

Success Stories in Irig


Your partner in Irig

Municipality Office

Bogdanka Filipovic Lekic – Development Associate

Phone: +381 22 400 610; +381 69 605 343