Municipality of Bač

Bac (Bač) is a town and municipality in South Backa District of Vojvodina, Serbia. Bac municipality includes the town of Bac (together with Mali Bac settlement) and the following villages: Backo Novo Selo, Bodjani, Vajska (together with Labudnjaca and Ziva settlements), Plavna, Selenca.

Bac mapa


  • Partially equipped Industrial Zone - Bac
  • Proximity of 2 border crossings with Croatia
  • Proximity of Corridor 10 - Danube/li>
  • Reduction of land development fees – up to 100%
  • Favorable conditions for land lease

Bač Logistics

Distance from borders:

  • HUN - 80 km
  • CRO - 30 km
  • ROM - 160 km
  • BUL - 460 km
  • B&H - 110 km

Distance from highway:

  • E-75 - 52 km
  • E-70 - 85 km

Distance from airport:

  • Belgrade - 142 km
  • Osijek (Croatia) - 67 km
  • Temisoara (ROM) - 232 km

Energy potential in Bač

  • Municipality is gasified: 100%
  • Local pipeline lenght: 186 km
  • Presure of main pipeline 12 bar
  • Presure of local pipeline 4 bar
  • Total land: 36,500 ha
  • Agricultural land: 25,498 ha
  • Arable land: 23,234 ha
  • Most common crops: soy, maize, wheat
  • Currently biogas plant development under construction – with 10 MW capacity
  • No of distribution substitusions: 99
  • Total power (kVA): 42,800
  • Total network length (km): 271
  • Available capacities (kVA): 4,240

Average speed 3.5-4 m/s at 50 m

Insolation 89 days p.a.2,130 hrs
Highest insolation in Backa region

Infrastructure in Bač


Regional road network: 23 km

  • Backo Novo Selo-Bac-Selenca-Ratkovo

Local road network: 61 km

  • Bac-Vajska-Bodjani
  • Bodjani-Berava-Vukovarska skela
  • Carda-Plavna
  • Bac-Ekonomija
  • Plavna-Bodjani
  • Vajska-Ziva-Labudnjaca
  • Ekonomija 3-Gatara
  • Plavna-Dunav
  • Vajska-Provala

River Danube length: 40 km

Port in Bogojevo distance 30 km

Canal network DTD: 15 km

Irrigation/Drainage system network: 225 ha


Railway network length: 15 km

Axial pressure: 18 t


Sewage system Bac settlement: 100 million

Sewage network: 245 km

Sewage system in Selenca settlement under construction

Population, education and labor cost in Bač

Number of inhabitants 14,405

Employed (2020) 2,638

Unemployed (July, 2021) 1,381

Labor cost structure

Average salary in Bač (Dec, 2021)

NET Salary411
Personal Income Tax10.00%41
Contributions (Emploeyee)19.9%112
GROSS Salary564
Contributions (Employer)16.65%94
TOTAL Cost658

From July 1st, 2014 the employers have the right for refund on the paid personal income tax & socal insurance contributions:

  • 65% refund for employing 1-9 workers
  • 70% refund for employing 10-99 workers
  • 75% refund for employing 100+ workers


High Schools

AgriculturalAgricultural Tech10337
Operator/mechanic of agricultural mechinery2010

Great number of high school students attending various programs in nearby municipalities - Backa Palanka, Odzaci...

Informal education programs avaliable for organic production.

Key sectors in Bač



Strong resources foundation
  • Majority of population lives in rural areas – 35% engaged in agriculture
  • 2,200 registered agricultural producers
  • Storage capacities amounting to 50,000 t – cold storage 32,200 m³
  • Fruit Agricultural Cooperative "Backa Jagoda" – established in 2014 with the help of municipal authorities – gathering 31 cooperators involved in strawberry production – available 50 t cold storage capacity
  • Center for fruit and vegetable drying – capacity of 250 kg per day
  • Center for organic production
  • Beekeepers Association – 40 members engaged in honey production
  • Agricultural high school – managing 60 ha of soy crops, orchards, and hothouse
  • Successful companies – in the field of fruit and vegetable processing, meat processing, dairy products
  • 25,498 ha Agricultural land
  • Loading port 30 km away
  • High percentage of fertile land


Unique hunting experience
  • Hunting tourism - 5 hunting grounds: Plavna, Ristovaca, Karadjordjevo
  • Hunting grounds spreading over 9,000 ha – out of which 5,000 ha are within the forest land
  • Big & small game – wild boar, deer, rabbit, pheasant, wild ducks, geese
  • Ristovaca – largest and most famous hunting ground in Europe for pheasant breeding
  • 7 Hunting Associations – registered in the municipality
  • Tourism Organization Bac – 5,000 annual tourist visits with 1,000 overnight stays
  • Current accommodation capacities are insufficient - 122 beds (2-star category)
  • Other potentials:
  • Cultural-historical monuments (Bač Fortress, Monastery Bodjani...) etno houses, bicycle rail...

Investment opportunities:

- Accommodation capacities development

Metal Processing

Metal Processing

Quality and competetive prices
  • Available skilled workforce with experience in the metal processing sector
  • Expertise in processing wire , production of wire mesh, fencing systems , metal pallets, production of irrigation systems
  • Possibilities for cooperation , joint venture investments in capacity expansion with a local company that has more than 50 years of experience in the production of wire and other materials; 16,000 sqm of production and office space


Easy access to ample resources
  • 25,498 ha of agricultural land with favorable conditions for
  • Developed production of fuel s derived from biomass: wood pellets, pellets from agricultural residues , briquettes
  • Annual production amounts to 9,000 tons per year while the production of briquettes for heating purposes reaches 7,500 tons (ISO 9001)
  • Possibilities for producing heating energy for households, public buildings and greenhouses
  • Currently the 4MW power plants for produce electricity from biomass is under construction

Top 10 Employers in Bač

SLOVAN-PROGRES DOOConstructionSerbia200
EUROPA PROMET 2000TradeSerbia130
ARMA PROVODKAMetal industrySerbia60
BIO FISHFishpodnSerbia40
ELEKTRIK DOOEquipment production for e.e.Serbia31
ZDRAVO ORGANICAgrobusinessSerbia23
KSC TECTONAWood processingSerbia20
RAVANICA FLORA DOOAgribusiness-Animal FeedSerbia20
BIO-VITA DOOAnimal FeedSerbia18

Brownfield Locations in Bač

Location 1


located in duty-free zone

Land size: 4,277 m²

Facilities: 421 m² + 61 m²

Infrastructure: electricity, gas, water, sewage

Ownership: Municipality

For lease

*In March 2015, ​​the preliminary design of adaptation and reconstruction of the facilities has been made.


Upon receiving the investor’s request

the consolidated construction procedures are conducted in the following phases:

  • Issuing the location conditions for the cadastre parcel suitable for construction – from the day of obtaining all special conditions, permits and other documents --> no later than 5 working days
  • Issuing the construction permit – from the day of the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Upon receiving the application:

Based on registering the construction work,issuing the verification for receiving the application without delay, provided that the complete documentation has been submitted.

- Registering the construction works to receive acceptance/rejection --> 5 working days

- Subsequently, submitting the request for infrastructure installations --> 3 working days

Issuing the occupancy permit, upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

Issuing the final approval upon receiving the submission of the request --> no later than 5 working days

In total: 28 working days

Incentives & Fees in Bač

UP to 0% Land Development Fee

Fee reduction - depending on the:

  • investment type
  • number of new jobs created

Read more about various incentives available to foreign investors, including financial grants and favorable tax rates, as well as customs exemptions.

Success Stories in Bač

bac logoi

Your partner in Municipality

Municipality Office

Borislav Antonic – President

Phone: +381 21 770 075; +381 64 851 1946


Nikola Banjac – Project Planning Associate

Phone: +381 21 770 075 ext. 147; +381 63 851 1916