IGB Automotive – 10 years of successful business in Serbia


IGB Automotive will invest EUR 2 million in new equipment in Indjija, it was said on September 21 at the celebration of the company`s 10 years of activities in Serbia. The purpose of the investment is the implementation of new technology. In other words, the company will invest in the latest machinery and equipment for the production of various types of fan motors.

– We are currently working intensively on the development and industrialization of fan motors. I am glad to be able to say that we will use the expansion of the production facility in Indjija to manufacture new products. With an investment of EUR 2 million in the latest machinery and facilities, we will make a production line for various types of fan motors – said Josef Hilmer, Co-Managing Director at IGB.

As they say at IGB Automotive, the management`s decision to position the production of fan motors in Indjija once again proves their confidence in the future sustainability of the company in Serbia.


How the Bauerhin begin in Serbia?

IG Bauerhin first contacted the Vojvodina Investment Promotion – VIP agency in June 2007, having seen an advertisement in German magazine Ost-West Contact. They responded to the advertisement, received the information they required, came to inspect the location and they have been here ever since.

The production facility was opened only three months later, in September 2007, and the company received the subsidies from the Republic of Serbia for employing 300 people in May 2008. Since IGB recorded the highest productivity in this facility, their foreign clients lauded the product manufactured in this production facility, which had already obtained the most important certificate in the automotive industry - ISO TS 16949, the company management decided to expand the investment. Instead of buying the facility they had been renting, they opted for a new Greenfield project in the same municipality. In October 2010, the company signed an agreement with the municipality and purchased a piece of land where the new production facility was to be built and the company soon received new subsidies for creating new jobs in the amount of 1.8 million Euros.

In the first year, 2007, 133 people were employed and 100,000 seat heaters were produced. In 2008, when the global economic crisis began, IGB produced 1.5 million car seat heaters, received the ISO TS 16949 Quality Certificate and employed another 48 female workers. Today IGB is among the best employers in Vojvodina, producing car seat heaters, safety belt sensors and cables in its production facility in Inđija. Their seventh year in Serbia was a resounding success.

They produced 24 products (seat heaters, sensors, cables). They are employing around 2,300 employees, mostly women.