About Us


We are an agency that bridges the gap to success for investors in Vojvodina. We develop supplier chains, boost exports, and serve as a one-stop shop for all your investment needs. With strong ties to state and provincial government institutions and an extensive network of local partners from the private sector, academia, and business associations, RAV is your trusted source for reliable information and informed investment decisions.

Our Services Include:

If you consider to invest

  • Tailor-Made Reports: We create personalized reports covering the business environment, operative expenses, incentives, tax and work regulations, and available workforce.
  • Location Identification: We assist in identifying the best possible investment locations for your business, providing detailed information on the latest greenfield and brownfield sites in Vojvodina.
  • Networking: RAV identifies and contacts potential local suppliers and companies interested in joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and capital investments.
  • Site Visits and Negotiations: We organize visits to investment locations and facilitate negotiations with municipalities, private property owners, and local companies.
  • Administrative Guidance: RAV guides you through building, permitting, and other managerial procedures, facilitating dialogue with relevant authorities on all government levels.
  • After-Care Services: We provide ‘after-care’ services for your business once established in Vojvodina to ensure your company maintains good standing.

If you are looking for the suppliers

  • Twice a year we organize Suppliers’ Day:
    • Spring Supplier Day, in April or May, focuses on the food industry
    • Autumn Supplier Day in October or November, targeting the supporting automotive industry, plastics, rubber, metal, machinery, and electrical sectors.
      More about Suppliers’ Day
  • Several times a year, we organize exhibition appearances for manufacturers from Vojvodina at specialized European trade fairs.
    It is an opportunity to meet multiple producers in one place, explore their product range, and hear from us about everything you need to know regarding potential collaboration and business terms.
    Check out the trade fairs we are attending this year. 


If you are looking for partners for EU project

RAV actively participates as a project partner in various EU programs. We are interested in projects covering different themes and areas, including regional development, development of supply chains in agribusiness, metal processing industry, machinery industry, digitalization, etc.

Who else and when should contact us

  • Companies already operating here but looking to reinvest, find new locations, suppliers, etc.
  • Domestic companies looking to enter supply chains or start or enhance exports should join our Supplier Database
  • Domestic companies seeking information about available financial resources for business expansion, acquiring new machinery, and related purposes.
  • Domestic companies seeking information on available financial resources for business expansion, purchasing new machinery, etc.
  • Those interested in joint projects
  • Local self-governments regarding projects, promotion of their potential, investment locations
  • Media
  • Anyone with a question related to investments, partner search, development, innovation, or economy of Vojvodina, which may not fall into the above categories.