Conditions For Doing Business in Serbia


The results of a survey of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce during Februry show that ratings of the economic situation in Serbia for 2018 have improved compared with previous years.

Half of respondents rated the economic situation as satisfactory, while 12% rated it as a good.

According to this survey, companies rate their own operations as being better than the general business climate. More than half of them rated their own operations a as good, 40% satisfactory, and only 8% said that their business results were insufficient.

Business forecast for the current year also contained more optimistic views than during the period two years ago, so 56% of respondents expect improvement, 37% expect an unchanged business situation, while 6% fear its deterioration.

When it comes to development of business and additional employment in 2018, 56% consider that there will be new empleymnet, while only 6% announced a possible reduction.

Source: CorD