Calzedonia to open factory in Kikinda in spring 2018


The Italian company Calzedonia will start producing clothing and underwear in the spring of 2018 in its new factory in Kikinda, the construction of which is expected to start as soon as this October. The plan is to employ 300 workers, who will start their training at the facility of the Italian giant in November.

The local self-government in Kikinda had offered the most favorable terms and the Italian investor therefore decided to build its next factory in northern Banat.

The town sold 3.3 hectares of land within the new industrial zone to the Calzedonia Group for around RSD 12 million, and the investor obliged to build a 4,500-m2 factory.

Mayor of Kikinda Pavle Markov emphasized that none of the investors that had decided to initiate production in the new working zone had used state subsidies and added that there was room for another big investor, which would fill out the industrial zone.

Adriano Zoni, the director of the Italian company in Subotica, reminded that the company currently had 3,000 workers in Serbia.

The employees at the Kikinda facility should start producing short- and long-sleeve shirts in the spring, as well as underwear and clothing similar to that produced at the plant in Subotica.

Source: eKapija