Setting-up a Business

The establishment of all company types is under the competence of the Serbian Business Registration Agency (SBRA), which is a one-stop-shop for a business registration. The estimated registration procedure required for starting a business takes 3 business days, which is highly efficient compared to Europe and Central Asia average of 32 days.

To obtain a copy of entry from the Serbian Business Registration Agency (SBRA) the following documents need to be submitted:

  • Filled out application form for a copy of entry
  • Proof of registration fee payment to SBRA account – for companies RSD 4,900
  • Registration and publication of Founding Act - RSD 1,000

Simultaneously with registration at SBRA, business entities are granted tax identification number (PIB). Upon receiving the required authorization, SBRA automatically forwards the necessary documentation to the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund (PIO), as well as the Republic Health Insurance Fund, provided that all the requirements have been met.

Registration forms and instruction are available on-line at the Serbian Registers Agency website: