Setting-up a Business

The establishment of all company types is under the competence of the Serbian Business Registration Agency (SBRA), which is a one-stop-shop for a business registration. The estimated registration procedure required for starting a business takes 3 business days, which is highly efficient compared to Europe and Central Asia average of 32 days.

One-stop Shop Business Registration System

To register formation of a business entity (company), it is necessary to enclose:

- integrated Registration Application Form (the “JRPPS” form),

- prescribed documentation (original, certified transcript or certified copy), and

- proof of payment of the fee for registration of formation, prescribed by the Decision on Fees for Registration and

- other Services Provided by the Serbian Business Registers Agency.

The procedure of registration of formation of business entities (companies) is carried out through a one-stop shop business registration system. By obtaining a registration certificate, business entities registered with the SBRA simultaneously obtain:

- registration/corporate identification number, which is assigned by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia,

- taxpayer identification number (TIN), which is assigned by the Tax Administration  Headquarters, VAT registration,

- M-A Form, i.e. a CERTIFICATE CONFIRMING SUBMISSION of the application for the compulsory social security of the founder who is also registered as the representative of the company.

Registration forms and instruction are available on-line at the Serbian Registers Agency website: