Business Environment

Those companies which have already recognised the benefits of operating in this emphasize that Vojvodina is competitive because of the optimum ratio of costs, quality and workforce productivity, availability of its locations and workforce, low operating costs, proximity to the EU market, substantial financial and tax relief, a customs system which conforms to EU regulations and, especially, corporate profit tax at a level of 15%, which is among the lowest in the Europe.

For many companies it is important to have access and opportunity to export to a market of more than one billion people, due to the free trade agreements Serbia has signed with member countries of CEFTA, EFTA, Turkey, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia, as well as the preferential trade agreements with the EU and the USA, which together opens a duty-free access to the market of over one billion consumers.

By choosing to locate in Vojvodina, foreign investors enjoy the benefits of a highly competitive and advantageous tax system, essential for boosting company profits. In addition, favorable business and investment climate conditions contribute to a proven record of successful FDI attraction. In general, Serbia’s tax regime is highly conductive to doing business. Corporate profit tax is the lowest in the region, while VAT, salary tax and social insurance contributions are among the most competitive in Central and Eastern Europe.



Pension & disability 12% 14%
Health Insurance 5,15%
Unemployment 0,75%
Annual Income Tax 10-15%
Other Income Tax 20%

Key export sectors:

Food & Beverage
Machines & Equipment
Rubber & Plastics
Motor vehicles & trailers


  • GDP in 2017 36,832 billion euros
  • Currency: Serbian Dinar (RSD)
  • Credit rating BB/Stable
  • Unemployment 14.7%


  • Share in total Serbian export 2017 32.9
  • Export volume 2017 4,95 bn
  • Export growth 2016/2017 14.8 %
  • Export markets: EU, CEFTA, Russia