Business Barometer, June 2021 – Positive expectations of businessmen


The 44th round of the Business Climate Survey in AP Vojvodina was realized in June 2021, in which 236 companies from various sectors of activity participated. The main findings of the research show the positive expectations of entrepreneurs in all surveyed segments: total business, cooperation with foreign clients, selling prices, the number of employees.

The focus of this research was on the channels of promotion and communication. The results of the survey show that the respondents recognize e-mail as the most key channel of communication (79.7%), but although some traditional forms of communication are still helpful: one-on-one conversation (70.3%) and telephone conversation (66.9%).

Representatives of the economy claim that for the promotion of their products/services, they still mostly use social media marketing (30.5%), e-mail marketing (27.5%), and fairs and presentations (21.6%).

The main reasons for the promotion of products/services of companies are the finding new markets, (33.1%), increased competition (32.2%), as well as the promotion of new products/services of companies (27.5%). These companies still need help when it comes to placement and promotion of their products/services (33.5%), as well as support in co-financing the performance of their company at international fairs (25.4%).

You can download the June edition of the Business Barometer here.