Business barometer – June 2020


Positive expectations of businessmen regarding future trends in all observed business categories

In June 2020, the 40th issue of the Business Climate Survey in AP Vojvodina was realized, in which 230 business entities from various sectors participated. The main findings of the research show the positive expectations of the surveyed businessmen in all surveyed segments: total business, cooperation with foreign clients, sales prices and number of employees.

The focus of the research was on innovation policy and goals, but one part also referred to the impact of the KOVID-19 virus pandemic on economic activity and the scope of using economic measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis in AP Vojvodina.

The results of the research show that most of the surveyed companies felt the negative consequences of the pandemic and used some of the economic measures adopted by the Serbian Government.

In terms of innovation potential, most of the surveyed companies show a willingness to develop and receive new ideas, and a focus on innovating products and/or services, process innovation, as well as innovation of business organization.

You can download the June edition of the Business Barometer here.