Vojvodina Development Agency

Vojvodina Development Agency (Abbreviated RAV) is established under the auspices of the Government of AP Vojvodina, with aim to provide support for the implementation of the development policy of Vojvodina, agricultural policy and rural development policy.

Our aim is to encourage the influx of foreign and domestic capital and to offer professional services to those companies willing to invest into Vojvodina. RAV investigates economic potentials and the existing resources, suggests the possible solutions for the development of economy, agriculture, energetics, tourism and rural development, giving the specific emphasis on innovations and technological upgrades.

Leader of the economic development

'' Our Vision is Vojvodina as the prime location and leader of the economic development in South-East Europe, with competitive economy, highly educated and committed human resources and high living standard.''

RAV Team

RAV divides its business into four departments:

  • The Department for Strategic Research, Innovation and Economic Development Policy
  • Through socio-economic research, studies and analysis of the existing resources and economic potentials, this department provides inputs necessary to define measures of the Provincial Government for the development of economy, agriculture, energetics and rural parts of Vojvodina.

  • Department for Investment Support
  • This sector provides expert advisory support to existing and potential domestic and foreign investors, seeks new investors, supports business incubators and works on the expansion of capacities in order to attract new investments at the local level mostly through the education of local self-governments.

  • Department for National and International Funds in Function of the Development of AP Vojvodina
  • Coordinates the distribution of budget’s subsidies at the local, regional and national levels, the provision of budgetary subsidies at all levels in order to make them as efficient as possible. Follows and finds all available financial resources from available international funds.

  • Promotion Department
  • Promotes Vojvodina as an ideal investment location and all its existing resources and potentials in order to make it attractive to domestic and foreign investors and position its values and potentials to a high level on the large investment map of Europe, even the world.

Our Services

  1. Investment support
    • Vojvodina Development Agency (RAV) serves as a one-stop- shop for all your investment related enquiries. Due to our close association with various state and provincial government institutions, and our extensive network of local partners from the private sector, academic institutions, and business associations - RAV represents your trusted source for obtaining the most reliable information needed for making an informed investment decision.
    • Upon your request, we will create a tailor made report on business environment, operative expenses, incentives, tax and work regulations, available work force, logistics, etc.
    • Identifying best possible investment locations for your business. We contain thorough information about the latest greenfield and brownfield locations on the territory of Vojvodina.
    • Identifying and contacting potential local suppliers, companies that are interested in joint ventures, strategic partnerships and capital investments.
    • Organizing visits to investment locations and facilitating negotiations with municipalities, private property owners and local companies
    • Guiding you through the building, permitting and other administrative procedures and facilitating dialogue with relevant authorities on all government levels
    • Providing ‘after care’ services to your business once established in Vojvodina to assure that your business is in good standing.
  2. Financing programs
    • Providing information on available subsidies on the level of the province and the republic as well as the mandatory conditions for their obtainance
    • Providing information on the current EU open calls
  3. Education programs for the local municipalities in Vojvodina.
  4. Supporting local incubators.
  5. Stimulating domestic export.
    • We serve as a mediator in connecting domestic companies with foreign investors (fairs, conferences…).

Our team

Investment Department

Vladimir Pavlov

Associate for domestic investments, education and support for business incubators


Promotion Department

Department for National and International Funds

Finance & Administration Department

Department for Strategic Research, Innovation and Economic Development Policy