90 companies and 400 B2B meetings at Suppliers’ Day organized by Vojvodina Development Agency


Approximately 400 B2B meetings took place on Tuesday, November 27, 2018 at the Suppliers’ Day 2018 – Automotive Supply Industry organized by Vojvodina Development Agency for domestic and foreign companies from the automotive, plastic, rubber and metal sector.

Business meetings at the Congress Center Master of Novi Sad Fair were opened by the Vice-President of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Đorđe Milićević, who said that it is essential to seek new measures to boost economy, and that one of such measures and events is Suppliers’ Day organized by Vojvodina Development Agency.

Creating possibilities for direct contact and connecting small and medium companies with big enterprises and exporters on one side enhance the production growth in our country while on the other side, they represent the essential stimulant of the export-oriented production which provides the significant in-flow of foreign currencies,“ Milićević emphasized.

Milićević also mentioned that the major task of the public sector is to create good environment for doing business and form the incentives and subsidies for the economy, in the same way it has been done in Vojvodina through subsidizing the procurement of equipment and creating new jobs.

Director of RAV, Nikola Žeželj pointed out that it is of great importance to assist domestic companies enter the supply chain of big companies since it would, as he suggested, contribute to their further growth and increase the export of Serbia and AP Vojvodina.

Among the participants were the companies from Serbia, Germany, France, Slovenia, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, Japan, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark and Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to some of them, the satisfaction is mutual.

Srđan Ljiljak from Denmark’s company Grundfos and Christoph Zimmermann from German’s SD Hirsch Automotive GMBH said that this event represents a good opportunity to acquire goods and services from domestic manufacturers.

Furthermore, Radovan Vujačić, sales manager at Bormax from Bačka Topola, added that this manifestation benefits those who tend to become suppliers: “We immediately found the target companies on the applicants’ list. Our major business is CNC metal processing, and given that we have the capacity to expand our production, we could work with one of these large companies in the automotive sector. That’s what we are striving for, to become the supplier to the large ones.“

We would like to especially thank our main sponsor -

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Thanks to their help and understanding the importance of this event, many companies are given the chance to meet new business partners and upgrade their business.