Business climate in the Vojvodina – results of RAV Business Barometer, March 2020


The results reflect the attitudes and expectations of businessmen until the outbreak of the epidemic and the declaration of a state of emergency and show positive expectations of the surveyed businessmen in all surveyed segments (total business, cooperation with foreign clients, manpower...).

The results of the research show that the biggest problem in business is the lack of qualified workforce and the use of information technology and the improvement of these aspects of business is assessed as key to the success of their business. The quality of products/services and cooperation with business partners is the aspect of business that businessmen are most satisfied with.

Two hundred and forty-one businessmen from various sectors participated in the survey Business Climate Survey in Vojvodina, which was conducted in March.

The survey for the next Business Barometer will be conducted in June and will show whether and to what extent the situation with the corona and the state of emergency had unfavorable long-term and short-term effects on economic activity.

The March edition of the Business Barometer you can download here.