Operational costs

Implementation of investment projects in Vojvodina results in a significant reduction of operational costs. In addition to competitve infrastructure and labor costs, the cost of building a production facility in Vojvodina ranges between EUR 200-400/m2.

(prices in euros)
Industry gas prices
(per kWh) 2017
Industry electricity prices
(per kWh) 2017
EU 280.0300.114

Greenfield and Brownfield locations

Greenfield project

Construction cost

  • Industrial facilities (average cost) 200-400 EUR/m²
  • Business premises (avg.cost) 750-900 EUR/m²
  • Average land cost EUR 3-10
Production facility construction costEUR
Construction and finishing work210
Sanitation and sewage installation40
Electrical installation70
Exterior and internal roads45

Brownfield project

Exsisting business options

  • Lease (average cost)
    Old build 1-2.5 eura/m²
    New Build 3-5 eura/m²
  • Built to lease option
  • Lease with purchase option