The region of Vojvodina has all the ingredients you need to successfully service the fast-growing global consumer markets with premium food products.

A recipe for superior quality food processing guaranteed by:

  • Ample fertile soil: 1.6 mil ha - 84% of the territory
  • Lowest usage of fertilizers and pesticides in Europe
  • High-quality resource base, optimal climate conditions
  • Organic production potential with strictly prohibited production and trade of GMO food
  • Long-standing experience
  • Growth trend in the export volume share (10.9% increase compared to 2012)
  • No 1 FDI sector: No of companies, Investment volume, Number of workers
  • 128,465 agricultural households in Vojvodina.

Great Resource Base

  • Land - 84% of total territory fertile agricultural land
  • Water - 1400 km network of navigable rivers and canals; one of the largest hydrological nodes in Europe. Irrigation system 0.5 mil ha.
  • Climate - Moderate continental climate for optimal primary production.
  • Raw Material Production - Top 5 crops in Vojvodina: maize, wheat, sunflower, soy, sugar. Maize (40% of arable and 3.5 mil t yield) is the top export product.
    • Vegetable – all types of production from garden and field to protected production methods.
    • Fruit – ca.29,000 ha: average yield 210,000 t fruit; 90,000 t grapes
    • Livestock – Cattle (Holstein-Friesian, Europe black and whites, Simentals), Pork (Swedish, Danish, Dutch Landrace, Yorkshire Larg Whites), Sheep, Poultry.

Where to Invest

Grain Milling

  • 52 mills; 19 producers of bread, pastries, pasta processing capacity: 15 millions tons p.a.
  • Total installed capacity for grain storage: 620,000 t of which 550,000 t is stored in silos.
  • Invest in: seed production, higher value products, in cereal processing, oilseeds processing.

Fruit & Vegetable Processing

  • 20 factories with with the following capacity:
  • 47,000 t cold processing
  • 8,000 t dried products
  • 5,300 t of sweet peppers
  • Invest in: pasteurization, frozen, dried processing.

Meat & Dairy Processing

  • 30 industrial slaughterhouses-processing capacity
  • Ca. 0.35 m heads of cattle,
  • 3.7 m plgs
  • 32 m chikens p.a.
  • 18 Industrial dairies – processing capayity ca. 365 m/l p.a.
  • Invest in: meat processing capacities, milk processing


Current capacity:

  • 70,000 t of confectionery products p.a.
  • Strong regional brands – joint venture opportunities.
  • One of the most profitable branches of the processing industry.

Organic & GMO Free Production

  • Serbian Low stricly prohibits production of GMO food.
  • High potential for cooperation with EU companies organic soybeans, wheat and maize.

Animal Feed

  • Locally available excellent raw material base for high-quality products.
  • Rising demand to satisfy the predicted growt in the livestock count.

Support System


  • University of Novi Sad
  • Agriculture Faculty Novi Sad
  • Technology Faculty Novi Sad
  • Agriculture Faculty Zemun
  • University of Belgrade
  • Faculty of Biofarming, Backa Topola

Engines of Innovation

  • Institute for Crops and Vegetable Farming, Novi Sad
  • Veterinari Institute, Novi Sad
  • Institute for Food Processing Techology, Novi Sad
  • Institute for Corn, Zemun Polje
  • Institute for Cattle Breeding, Belgrade
  • Institute for Meat Hygiene and Techonology, Belgrade